GREY’S ANATOMY recently celebrated its 300th episode and star Kevin McKidd was asked about the possibility of ex-GREY’s star Sandra Oh returning to the show (McKidd’s character Owen was in a relationship with Oh’s Cristina).

McKidd revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the Owen/Christina was his favorite on the show due to the fact that they “struggled through a lot” and said he spoke to Oh frequently.

“When my character got married to Amelia, she got kind of jealous and was like, ‘No, that’s not right!'” McKidd said. McKidd apparently also broached the subject of returning to GREY’s to his former co-star and said her reply was “maybe”.

“I hope she will. I think it would be so much fun,” McKidd added. “It would open up so much again in the story and mix everything up. Owen, wherever he is in his life, would have incredible stories. She’s just such an amazing actor. I still miss her to this day.”