The entire “Comfort Women” saga has caused a lot of conflict and angst. The statue is meant to remember the Korean and Chinese women who were forced basically into sex slavery by Japanese soldiers during World War 2. The debate has riled communities overseas, with both the US and Australia embroiled in this, where statues have been erected in both Glendale, California and Ashfield, Sydney. Both statues have been pushed to controversy with different sides of the debate coming to light.

Anyways, it appears both Japan and South Korea are experiencing tensions as South Korean activists have erected this statue in front of the Japanese Consulate in Busan. The statue was removed by the authorities, and then replaced it due to the public outcry against its removal. The Japanese Government has weighed into this debate and have threatened to remove its Ambassador to South Korea and the Consul General in Busan. They have also stated they may be pulling out of economic talks with South Korea unless the statue is removed.

I feel this debate will only continue unless there is closure, considering diplomatic relations are under jeopardy.