So I am sure many of you would have watched this video or seen the video come across your news feed. Where I get where she is coming from and I guess at the least she has good intentions, the whole premise of the video is wrong and problematic.

Now before I continue I need to disclose that my criticisms have nothing to do with shitting on WF/AM, because this video isn’t really about that and my criticisms have nothing to do with that.

My issue which is shared by others is really on what she did in the video and how it seriously borders if not is sexual assault. This type of behavior does not help in changing the Asian male stereotype. She is aggressively attacking them, which actually pushes the stereotype of Asian male passiveness. It also diminishes real, meaningful AMWF relationships, because she’s limited Asian men as a fetish…

Now, let me put a scenario into your minds – imagine if the genders were reversed. A white male (who wants to raise awareness for an issue of how Asians are portrayed in the film industry in the US) makes a video of himself in Japan randomly kissing Japanese women – oh hey doesn’t that sound slightly similar to say the “David Bonds” of the world? Obviously this Leela Rose intentions are a little more “innocent” than say the “David Bonds”, but still it wreaks the same stench in many ways.

The other issue which is problematic is that this “random-ness” borders as I said earlier sexual assault. Unless the Japanese men she randomly pashed were actors, it is really without their consent and therefore sexual assault. If a man did this and randomly kissed women, regardless of race it is deemed sexual assault so I want to be fair and say it is the same thing in this case.

Also, many of the men she pashed may be married or have girlfriends, so how is this ethically moral? I mean if she tried to do that to my husband, god, she would have to deal with an angry and extremely irate me. She appears to have no concept of relationships and boundaries and this is extremely distasteful.

Leela is also unintentionally pushing her white privilege in Asia. Let’s face it, white people (male or female) are somewhat revered in Asia and seen as more “superior”. She knows that and is just plodding her way through Japan flaunting this “privilege”. This is no different from what white men do when they head to Asia purposefully looking for Asian women, and clearly Leela is festishsising Asian men by making this video. Its great she loves Asian men, but by going around and sexually assaulting Asian men, isn’t helping her cause at all.

Lastly, I still do not see how this video spreads awareness of how Asians are portrayed in the US/western film industry? I watched it and its just her randomly kissing and passhing Japanese men without consent – how does this work towards the cause?

I rest my case. But I guess she still has her Asian male admirers…..

Images via Leela Rose’ Facebook page


  1. Erin Chew fails on the following points:

    1) Erin alleges that Ms. Rose sexually assaulted the men when there is no issue of consent.

    In this instance, there is no evidence that these men said “no” or “stop.” No charges or complaints were filed. There is no evidence of lack of consent, thus sexual assault did not happen.

    Asserting that there was sexual assault when there was no issue of consent is false and therefore a null point.

    2) Erin asserts that Ms. Rose should check her “white” privilege in Japan as a white female.

    Erin fails to question the privileges Asian-American females have in Asian countries. Asian-American females often have both economic and social advantages over Caucasian females in these countries. While Erin as an Asian-American female can fit in comfortably in local and expat communities, Caucasian females can not.

    Whereas, Asian-American females such as Erin are seen as educated, fiscally successful, and likely working for an international corporation, the same positive assumptions do not necessarily follow Caucasian females from either communities (the same assumptions could follow in China and Korea).

    For instance, it could be argued there are more negative stereotypes associated with being a white female in an Asian country then there are for an Asian-American female. Often times, white females are sexualized by the local population (male and female), as well as the expat population. Asian-American females have the advantage of both being of the same ethnicity of the local population as well as being American (the benefits of being both a local and expat).

    3) Erin is uncomfortable with how Ms. Rose’s video threatens the status quo of the privilege of being an Asian-American female in Japan.

    Erin is uncomfortable because Ms. Rose’s actions frame Asian males in a way that threatens an Asian-American’s very privileged place in Japanese culture.

    While Asian female with White males are common place, Asian males with white females are uncommon and much less encouraged. Whereas, an Asian-American with a white boyfriend has become “normalized” and often encouraged, the reverse is discouraged. A white male is assumed to be an expat, white females are sexualized and seen as “easy.” This has carried a negative stigma for Japanese males seen with foreigners.

    While Erin can comfortably walk down Mission District, Takeshita Street, or 5th Avenue with her Caucasian boyfriend and for it to be accepted, the reverse relationship is less accepted. With the status quo, Erin can comfortably date white males in Japan or the United States, as well as fall back on the “safety” of Asian males in both countries, the Asian males and white females do not have this privilege. Instead, white female expats often earn more than Asian males in countries such as China. But there is a stereotype that white females must be sex workers if with a local Asian male (a direct attack on the women’s sexuality and promiscuity), whereas Asian-American females do not face this.

    Asian-American women are the highest earning female demographic in the United States, with certain segments of that demographic equating or out-earning white males (which means this demographic on average, out-earns Japanese males as well).

    It threatens an established norm. White male expats are free to go to Japan to party, drink, and meet women of Japanese descent and this is encouraged. Asian-American women also enjoy these privileges in both expat and Japanese communities.

    However, it is not the norm or encouraged for white female expats to go to Japan to party, drink, and meet men of Japanese descent. This is disadvantageous to both white males and Asian-American females.

    Ms. Rose’s actions (which frames Japanese males as attractive), alters a power dynamic that traditional favours Asian-American women such as Erin Chew.

  2. I see. So Asian-American women are more privileged than White women who are in turn more privileged than Asian men or women from other Asian countries. I can see how that would make sense in Japan but not so sure if that would also apply in other countries like China or the Philippines. Also, Asian-American women makeup a diverse demograph. I would imagine that a Caucasian female in Japan would be more privileged than a brown skinned Filipina-American in Japan.