So I saw this article run through my newsfeed this morning, and I wanted to highlight how sick, disgusting and absolutely fucked up it is. The whole premise of the article is to discuss the top 15 countries where the women love white men. How could someone write this and not realise that it is not only sexist and misogynistic but it is a product of #TOXICWHITEMASCULINITY. It is published in a media platform called THE CLEVER by a man named William Vinson – and yes he is a white guy: here is his profile on the website.

The article is titled: 15 Countries Where Women Are Always On The Lookout For White Males… and 8 out of the 15 countries he discusses are Asian countries. Here is the list of the Asian countries he has compiled:









Other countries he mentions are Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and Romania.

Now how is this article problematic?

Now I am not saying that the article is not true. In actual fact there is some truth to it because we all know that the white worshipping is a major issue in particularly East and Southeast Asia. This is primarily due to mainstream Western media brainwashing and colonisation throughout history. In addition, many women in some of these countries listed who do marry a “foreigner” do so because they have no other choices and their economic situation is dire – it is not necessarily because white dudes are physically desired. At the same time, there is the same number of fellow Asian men from other countries who are well off as well as other men of colour who marry women from other Asian countries and in Europe. White men do not have a pure monopoly over this. For example, there is a desire for Chinese men in Eastern Europe. Also, countries such as China and Taiwan are relatively affluent, or growing in its economic prosperity as well as some of the other Asian nation Vinson lists, but he treats Asian nations like they are all still third world and inferior to white men countries. Of course we know there is still a huge gap between rich and poor in Asian nations, but this gap exists in Western and European nations as well… so…… whats up with that? But because a white dude wrote it, he omits all of that and has decided to empower the white male race ( as if it needs anymore empowerment)…

Later he goes into how some of the women from these countries are sex workers, scammers and are just looking for wealth and/or a better life and that is why they choose a white guy. He then gives white men tips on how to discern a genuine and a fake woman. All this before he even gets into the countries. All this is just utter bullshit because he has reduced women from Asia, Europe, South and Central America into sexual objects who are not human and are there to just trick men ( and in his case white men). At no stage did he discuss how (and for the purposes of this post) Asian women in Asia are independent, smart and are actually leaders in their field in the countries he mentions. There is a growing trend of Asian women in Asia breaking the negative stereotypes of being subservient and naive.  He has pretty much boxed all Asian women in Asia as sex workers and scammers.

And here are examples of the problematic statements he has made about some of the Asian countries he lists (you can check out the others for yourself, as it is LOOKATME, REPEAT).


Cambodian women are genuinely interested in foreigners, especially white males because of the chance to have a better life with them as husbands.
Prostitution is common in Cambodia, especially in the capital of Phnom Penh. Cambodia also has a serious problem with pedophilia and human trafficking, which includes the sale of children.
The age of consent for consensual, non-paid sex in private is 16-years-old. It is common for a Cambodian woman to marry a foreign man that is around twenty years older than they are.

So in summary white men should see Cambodian women as non intelligent and naive sex workers, and white dudes get them young even if you are an old white geezer…ugh…


In the capital of Saigon, it is very much like Bangkok, Thailand. There is lots of prostitution. Just like in Cambodia, human trafficking is a huge problem.

Chinese men from remote areas pay up to US$3,200 to intermediaries to literally buy a bride and even a “child” bride around 14 years old and have her shipped to the man living in China.

One other problem for white males is that some Vietnamese women have figured out how to use the divorce laws in other countries to their advantage. If a Vietnamese woman marries a foreigner in another country and the marriage is not registered in Vietnam, it has no legal effect in Vietnam. If a foreign man pays a big price to get a Vietnamese bride and takes her to another country to get married, she can, after a short time, run back to Vietnam where the marriage has no meaning. She can repeat the process with a man from a different country.
Now that you are warned about the dangers, avoid the online marriage services as they are almost all scams.

So in summary, Vietnamese women are sex workers, Chinese men are all misogynistic but white men aren’t, and Vietnamese women are scammers – so be warned white guys… fucking bullshit here…


You will have a very pleasant time if you go to Bali to look for a wife. Bali, Indonesia is one of the nicest places in the world and the cost of living there is really low, which allows staying long enough to find an honest Indonesian woman who you want to marry. Guys from Australia frequently go to Bali to find a wife and many are successful in doing so and very happy.

The Indonesia culture is patriarchal and men are elevated in status over women. There is a marriage procreation guarantee under the Indonesian laws. If a wife cannot birth children he is allowed to easily divorce her or to take a second wife.
The Balinese want their daughters to get married as soon as possible in order to start a family and hopefully to have a son to carry on the family heritage.

So in summary Bali is cheap, so white guys stay there long and run rampant because the women are easy. Indonesian women are all subservient, and white guys go and have babies with them, as that is all Indonesian women are great for… oh and Aussie white men are da bomb because they are white… this is more utter shit…


Any western men, who visit Taiwan for the first time traveling alone, are shocked (hopefully pleasantly so) when beautiful girls knock on the hotel door in the evenings to officially offer their services as a government-licensed massage therapist and prostitute. They even have identification cards, which they happily show to prove this to foreigners.

Taiwan is another male-dominated society and women are, in general, very subservient to men. It is considered perfectly normal under the Taiwanese culture for married men to enjoy prostitutes as long as they take good financial care of their wives and provide enough money for their children.

So in summary: Taiwanese women are just all looks and that is it and they are all sex workers. Oh and Taiwan is very patriarchal blah blah blah and Taiwanese women have no ambitions except to have children and for their man to provide… Is this writer seriously hiding under a rock? or is he just spouting out shit…

I won’t go into the other countries, but the trend is pretty much the same. In essence Vinson has just placed no value on Asian women and non white women and has again used his white privilege/superiority when writing this piece. Where is the consideration that women are smart, intelligent and independent? Where is the discussion that like regular white women, Asian women can fall in love because of love without agendas. Where does Vinson discuss other men of colour who are also desired, and it’s not just the white guy.

He again writes from a position of racial privilege and has omitted many important points, which makes what he writes absolutely toxic, misogynistic, racist and sexist. He has also opened up the window for white men to go and exploit women, in how he continues to assert the ideas of sex workers (via human trafficking) and scammers…

Anyways, I will leave my rant here. You let us know what you think…

Images via The Clever

To read the full article, if you are compelled to, please click on: 15 Countries Where Women Are Always On The Lookout For White Males


  1. Can we just automatically arrest every guy w/ #YellowFever who writes articles like this? Men like William Vinson have sexually harassed Asian Americans, raped Thai child prostitutes, and/or bought an Philippine mail-order bride.

  2. I’m not emasculated by such an article. American White dudes have already been emasculated by their own liberated women and feminists. The roles have changed and I’d say up to 25%. Commercials now feature men in domestic roles rather than women because of feminist activism and boycotting. Not good for business and politics. Some men have taken the softer route towards alternative lifestyles (let the reader discern) than be further emasculated. White dudes are turned off by their own females. Even for white dudes marrying their own kind, their divorce rate is off the charts. They can’t handle their own women. Even as Asian-Americans, my friend, found a wife from the Philippines. But lots of red tape from the Philippine government.