While I am sure other elevators have had indiscriminate tongues lather their walls, handle bars and buttons just for shits and giggles by some odd fellows here and there, this one, on the other hand, was designed on purpose. The brainchild of some wazoo advertising firm and some British baked good called Jaffa Cakes, the lickable office elevator, at London-based communications company Engine, was covered in 1,325 lickable Jaffa Cakes—you could say it was a ‘tasteful’ alternative to a regular elevator.

Apparently, the guys who came up with this was inspired by Willa Wonka. OK, I get it. But, although there are over 1,325 lickable cakes lined on the wall, how can you tell they haven’t been licked before you? I mean, what if it gets fully loaded with people and the lower jaffa cakes are bumped by arse (hey, it is the UK) and groin? Kind of unseemly, if you ask me.  More from the spokesperson of Jaffa Cakes:

Philippa Tilley, senior brand manager of McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, told The Drum, “We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life and this was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed out office workers. We hope the lifts raise a smile, give people a taste for Jaffa Cakes and encourages them to go and buy a pack for the office.”

I don’t know about this “concept.” To quote an Adam Sandler quote from SNL-back-in-the-day: “Who are the ad wizards who came up with THIS ONE?” I gotta agree with early ’90s Sandler. I mean, not even the 5-second rule applies to this anymore. It just seems so gross. I just think of this nifty (and gross) campaign for the film Contagion:OK, time to disinfect my apartment now.


  1. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!