Ladies, how do you know if the guy who is trying to get into your mammary glands is just a creep looking for some cheap action or your true Prince Charming? Thanks to Japanese manufacturer Ravijour’s new “true love” bra, no guesswork is necessary because…well, science.


Through a mobile phone app that monitors your heart, these bras can only be unhooked if the wearer is feeling “true love” i.e. your pulse rate reaches what’s known as the “true love rate” because…well, science.

Check out this extremely creepy informative video that explains this wonder of modern science:

And yes, I’m sure by next week, some horny egghead will have invented some device thingie that can send a fake signal mimicking the “true love rate” which will make these bras pop open on their own. Ain’t science wonderful?

Happy weekend! Hope it’s free of science-induced, bra-related wardrobe malfunctions.