By Gabe Cheng

AsAmNews Contributor

I first learned about Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” in a college screenwriting class.

Campbell’s monomyth, as it’s also called, is a framework found in both ancient myths and modern movies. At the beginning of the journey the hero experiences an exciting event that disrupts the status quo. The event seemingly compels the hero to act, but instead they do nothing and refuse the call to adventure.

But why? I thought. What kind of person would rather stay in their boring lives than go on an adventure? As it turned out, I was that kind of person.

I bet a lot of other first generation children from Asian American families can remember their first “something to fall back on” conversation. Mine was in middle school when I was first showing an interest in writing and media as a potential career. I was in the car with my father and he said,“you know, after college you could go to film school and law school. Just so you always have that law degree to fall back on.”

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