Thanks to everyone who shared their guesses for the identity of my two friends in the photo from the first day of shooting on STAR TREK BEYOND. They are Danny Pudi, whom I directed in several episodes of COMMUNITY, and Kim Kold who was in FAST & FURIOUS 6.

Michael Tjioe was the first to guess correctly, but I’ll be sending out the t-shirt and posters to everyone who got the right answer by 11:30PM PST, April 5: Michael Tjioe, Justin Cook, Beyondthetech, G0ldBlood3d, James Amey, Adam Wooten, Andrés José Villalobos Elola and Laura Sirikul. Just a reminder that all of you will be receiving your goodies closer to the July release date.

That was fun.  Congrats!

original image
original image

(photoshop by Offender David)


  1. I’m disappointed that I didn’t win. I really thought it was Phil and Sal.

  2. what if it had been Shatner and Stewart 😀

  3. Maybe next time! rs

  4. When will we see the second trailer, Mr. Lin?

  5. @imhungry In your dreams!

  6. Love it! Happy to see you and Danny together again. Greendale Forever! Can’t wait for July 22.