With the horrible news out of Belgium today, it’s not a surprise that the racist and Islamophobic voices should make their way to social media. But my “favorite” has to be the tweet above.

Apparently, according to @TheNordicNation, it’s multiculturalism that’s the root of this terrorist violence and “death”. I’m not sure based on stats that I would necessarily characterize Belgium as a multicultural nation, but let’s take this argument at face value and look at other homogeneous societies, like this:


And this:


No “death” and plenty of “safety” there, right?

And if we want more modern examples of “safe” homogeneous nations, may I suggest Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Nigeria as just a few examples? ‘Cause we know there’s no death and plenty of safety there.

via @Paulac
via @Paulac


  1. Yeah, tweets like that are disgusting.