An image and video have been going viral online which shows a white expat and a Chinese man with bloodied faces. What and how this altercation actually started is still a bit of a mystery but Chinese media reports suggest that the Chinese man got into an argument with the white guy during morning rush hour at around 8:20am. The white dude was apparently sitting on the floor of the busy train and the Chinese dude apparently asks him to move so passengers could enter. The white dude was also seen accompanied by a woman.

This didn’t go down well with the white dude who creates an even bigger dispute and punches the Chinese man in the face, witnesses stated. It was stated that the Chinese man who had blood running down his face spat the blood onto the white dude’s face and called him WHITE TRASH….

The passengers on the subway were pretty outraged by the white dude’s behaviour and other media reports also stated the woman who was accompanying him had somehow disappeared. A comment on CCTV report on this situation said:

“This is out of line. We need to extradite him back to his home country and ask for a formal apology.”

Another wrote: “Look how this expat is being spoiled in China!”

What do you think? Are white expats/foreigners an issue in Asia?

Images via Korea Times

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