For the past 14 years, I have been an actor in Hollywood.  As with the career of any actor (famous, infamous, or unknown), it has been a roller coaster of ups, downs, victories, and losses.  There is a reason why most parents would not encourage their child to become an actor.  It is, at best, a completely unpredictable affair and most certainly not a meritocracy.  When people ask me what it’s like to work as an actor in Hollywood, my best answer goes something like this – imagine the superficial, social politics of junior high…and with that, you have the key, critical success factors necessary to excel in Hollywood.  Basically, it’s the exact opposite moral values that mom and dad tried to teach you as a kid.  When asked what it’s like to be an Asian American actor in Hollywood, my best answer is – imagine being a white guy, going to China to be an actor, and expecting to have a career like Chow Yun Fat.  Good luck round eye.

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I once saw an interview with William H. Macy.  One question he answered made me sit up and take note.  He was asked what the greatest challenge/frustration for him was as an actor.  His answer – “deep down inside, I feel like Tom Cruise…I know I can kick ass, get the girl, etc.  However, because I look like Howdy Doody, I will never get do Tom Cruise roles.  I only get to do roles that Hollywood thinks I look right for…Howdy Doody ones.” (or something to that effect).  which leads me to my thoughts about the Asian American guy in Hollywood and what Hollywood expects of him…

Over the course of more than a decade, my professional values have been influenced by specific projects and the unique experiences that resulted from them.  What roles I’m willing to do, what project I would be willing to work on, and the film legacy I wish to leave behind (no matter how sparse) and how do I wish to be remembered professionally has been shaped by one particular, independent film that I was lucky enough to be a part of: Better Luck Tomorrow.  Prior to BLT, my experience in Hollywood was pretty typical for a working, Asian American actor.  I worked quite a bit and lucked into a good number of decent roles in movies, TV shows, and commercials.  I wasn’t a star nor was I famous, but I was making a solid living and was always busy.  But upon reflection, 90+% of the roles that I was fortunate enough to get could not have existed without a very specific asian reason within the story line.  More simply put, there had to be an Asian reason to justify my presence and existence on screen (ie. Jet Li has a cousin, the Chinatown episode, white guy encounters gang members in alley, the William Hung biopic, etc.).  My presence facilitates the story line and the main actors journey through it.  But my presence is not crucial to the heart of the story…basically you’re the asian set dressing that the main characters have to navigate through in order to make their adventure seem more interesting.  This is not anything new.  Just about every single Asian American that you see on screen on American movies or tv shows today is there for a very specific asian reason (yes, i do know there are exceptions…but they are very, very few).  They don’t exist as most Asian Americans exist in America today: as real, three dimensional, everyday people.  I don’t wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say, “wow, it’s great to be asian today”.  Yet when it comes to American media and those who create it, the asians on screen have to be justified through some sort of asian reason.

Unlike a number of my Asian American acting peers, my professional successes (stuff that I’ll be proud to reflect upon prior to my death) had virtually nothing to do with mainstream Hollywood directors, producers, studio heads, and casting directors believing in me, fighting for me, and creating opportunities for me in their mainstream Hollywood projects.  There is a specific way that the Hollywood system works to nurture, cultivate, and advance the careers of it’s leading man assets – I was never a part of that development pool.  Whatever career success I have (again, stuff that I’ll be proud to reflect upon prior to my death) has been a direct result of teaming up with a group of highly-talented Hollywood outsiders and creating projects that find a backdoor entrance into the Hollywood mainstream.  The projects that have given my career the most meaning, the most pride, and the most significant public impact are projects that Hollywood would never have made (at least not with Asian Americans in the main roles).  If I relied on Hollywood to give me career pride and satisfaction, I’d be waiting for a bus that would never show.  Remember, just like William H. Macy, I am Howdy Doody (with an Asian twist)… so no Tom Cruise for me.

Go with the flow.  If you want to work a lot in Hollywood projects as an Asian American actor, just go with the flow.  The majority of opportunities in Hollywood for the Asian American male revolve around a handful of archetypes that have been around for years.  If you look like those archetypes or you get good at playing into them, you’ll have a long and prosperous career.  But at what cost?  Now I don’t profess to know what’s right or wrong.  In fact, I’m in full support of people doing whatever they want to do…but you better do it well.  If you’re going to play Long Duk Dong on screen, you best whip out your best Dong and rock it 150%.  No reason not to hit a home run, right?  At the end of the day, I think it’s all about personal choice.  If you can justify your choices and live with what results, then it’s the right choice for you.  So what’s my choice?  My choice is to try and be a part of projects where my role in them does not have to be justified with an Asian reason.  But this has not been easy.  By making such a choice, I have seen my pool of potential work reduced by 80-90%.  My phone rings a heck of a lot less and I find myself not working as much as I would like.  But for me, the choice is clear and I can live with the results.  I don’t know if my choice is right or wrong.  It just feels right.  It just feels right to me.

Which leads me to Red Dawn.  It’s being remade by MGM and it’s going to begin shooting in a matter of days.  The original Red Dawn came out in 1984 and starred Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen.  Basic premise – “The Russian and Cubans invade America.  Midwestern high school kids band together to form a resistance, The Wolverines.  High school kids learn to become soldiers and KILL THE SHIT OUT OF THEM RUSSIAN AND CUBAN INVADING MOTHER FUCKERS!”  Personally, I loved the original film from 1984 (probably b/c I’m not Russian nor Cuban).  As for the remake…well here goes.  Basic premise – “The Chinese invade America.  Midwestern high school kids band together to form a resistance, The Wolverines.  High school kids learn to become soldiers and KILL THE SHIT OUT OF THEM CHINESE INVADING MOTHER FUCKERS!”  To be fair, the Russians are involved as well, but in a minor way (man, those Russians never get off the hook).

So this past Friday my phone rings and it’s my agent.  My agent tells me that the Red Dawn production wishes for me to be present for the studio, all-cast table read.  Big budget, Hollywood movies usually have a studio, all-cast table read a few days prior to the beginning of principle photography…it’s a very big deal.  It’s usually the first time all the stars get to meet and be in the same room as the heads of the studios (it’s also the last time until the world premier).  Needless to say I was very, very excited.  I thought I was being offered a role in the movie.  Now, just FYI…I’m not a big fan of the Red Dawn remake and after reading the script I am even less of a fan.  That being said, it’s pretty damn cool to be offered a role for a movie even though you don’t think much of the project.  You can always turn it down, right?  Well, to my surprise, it was an offer –  an offer to sit in and read for the main Asian bad guy (already cast but he’s in Africa on another project and can’t make the studio, all-cast table read) and to read every other Chinese role in the script (all my dialogue would be in Chinese).  Totally, totally retarded.

My agents were very excited.  They wanted me to do it.  They thought it would be a great opportunity for someone like me because I’ll be able to meet and perform in front of the likes of Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, and other powerful white people.  I, on the other hand, was not excited at all.  My agents did not understand why I did not want to do it.  Now for me, in regards to my acting career, I try to make the best decision I can with the information that I have at that particular moment for any project.  If the pros outweigh the cons, I do it.  If the cons outweigh the pros, I pass.  In this particular situation, the cons far outweighed the pros.  It was very clear to me I would pass.  My agents, however, could not understand why I would pass.  In fact, they pressed me really hard for an entire day, trying to find a way to elicit a yes.  My answer from the beginning was very clear and very simple.  It was…

Of course I wish to meet the likes of Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner.  But I want them to see me at my best, performing material that will inspire, not fulfill a stereotypical expectation.  Basically they’re asking me to come in as a replacement reader, perform the one note Chinese bad guy with my Mandarin abilities, and have the entire cast of white people (ok, there’s supposedly one, hot asian american cheerleader that’s part of the Wolverine pack) yell and scream “death to the Chinese!” directly at me for 2 hours.

This situation is not unique, btw.  I have encountered this before over the years on projects very similar with people of similar Hollywood status.  I was younger back then so I felt like I had to say yes just to pay my dues.  But the feeling was always the same when I went: shame.  They invite you in for an asian need, you fulfill that asian expectation, and at the end, they shake your hand, tell you how amazing you were, say, “I owe you one”, and then kick you out of the clubhouse.  At the end of the day, because of the role you’re brought in for, the perception of your potential is severely limited.  Much more limited than being called in to read 2 lines as a coffee barista or airplane pilot…at least with those roles you’re just being human, you’re not being pre-pigeonholed as the “asian reason”.  In this particular situation, the cards are too stacked against you.  And trust me, if they asked for me to come into this studio, all-cast table read for just 2 lines as the coffee barista, I’d probably have said yes.  Give me 2 lines as that coffee barista and I’ll come in and rock it with pride in front of Tom Cruise.  I’ve said yes to less.

My agents did not get this.  I said “no” to them at 10 am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, & 5pm (that’s how many times we discussed it).  Each time my answer was exactly the same as it was the first time they asked me at 10 in the morning.  I was very clear.  I never wavered.  Yet at the end of business day Friday, my agents were extraordinarily angry with me.  They believe I blew this thing totally out of proportion and that I squandered a big opportunity.  And btw, my agents did not hook up this thing, the casting office for Red Dawn called independently and unsolicited, looking for my skilled, chinese-reading services.  This totally bummed me out for the entire weekend because I genuinely like my agents.  They are some of the most forward thinking, progressive-minded white people I have worked with in my career.  I’m really not sure what happened.  Perhaps they promised the Red Dawn office that I would take part prior to even asking me.  I don’t know.  Nonetheless there is a serious rift between me and my agents now.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we parted ways professionally later this week.  Which sucks, cause at the very least, if we were to part ways, at least have it be over something worthy of a divorce…like a real project, a real role, a real offer.  Not for “replacement reader for table read who can speak chinese” who can sing and dance for Tom Cruise & Co.  Totally, totally retarded…

I think I’m going to take a vacation.  Or become a dentist…



  1. hey plieo/lives in his moms basement. You seem to bag on a belief system that you don’t agree with but champion one that keeps you down. Seems to me you are the slave. It also seems that you would benefit from the “bully” article and that wimps like you are the problem. Kissing ass just like you did in the Miley cyrus picture. Why don’t you take RJ up on his offer you chicken shit?

  2. This pleiwhatever seems to make judgements on hollywood even though he’s obviously never been there. Let’s do an MMA even and have it televised, profits will go to East West players (you don’t know what that is do you?). Would bruce lee have acted like such a field chink like you? No. You would serve up the “chinese spare ribs” (return of the dragon baby) like the bitch you are. I wish I had said it like Rizal but you are the wimp that needs protection from the bully. I’m not the problem, bitches like you are.

  3. I hate it when Asian Americans don’t stick up for themselves and it looks like at least this guy RJ and rizel are doing that while pleio makes excuses. P doesn’t even use his real name and I would not want him backing me up in a fight. People like plei are carbon copies of the “asian eunich” stereotype and it is a fact that bullies pick on people that don’t defend themselves. I’m willing to bet that rizel is right on about pleio getting beat up. And seeing how we “asians’ are portrayed by the american media makes me think that pleio has his head up his gluteuous maximus.

  4. Pleiobitch, what’s wrong with conservatives. I’ve scanned over what has been said and find that RJ has a specific gripe with liberals and how they treat Asian Americans and you start spewing the typical rhetoric about conservatives that treat people like Roger and me like shit. Is there some self loathing there? Or as RJ stated earlier maybe you are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I concur with the others to have your head removed from you anal region and quit back biting other Asian Americans even though they have a different political streak than you. Are you one of the eunichs on the other post?

  5. Ok, I tried to be nice at the end, but that’s it…

    Rizal, RJ, Shen, Dion — you guys are internet terrorists trashing bonafide asian-american activist forums.

    Undeniably, what ticked you terrorists off is that I somehow offended your right-wing sensibilities in my first post on this page. It’s clearly not because you guys _claim_ to be asian. My satire clearly made the premise of Red Dawn into an absurd and ridiculous thing. Note how none of you even dispute that.

    News flash — right-wingers/conservatives can be racist towards Asians too, not just liberals. Racism is not necessarily a political thing. But in this case, Red Dawn’s plot concept is all about right-wing issues. — Such as the need “justify” the 2nd Amendment & the need for an armed militia with an absurdly ridiculous “Communist Chinese” invasion.

    And so you don’t even dispute any of that. Rather “RJ”‘s feelings are hurt because he made a fool of himself. And because of that huge goddam chip on that shoulder, he can’t admit his mistake & back down. And now he might be using other names.

    Objectively, you are embarrassing yourselves. And note how I called you a caveman and a thug, and you even walk into it by proving yourselves to be exactly that. Oh wow, are you proud of acting like a bitter, anonymous internet thug? Wow, does that make you feel like a “man”? Are you 7 years old?

    The indisputable facts are that you are disrupting & terrorizing the Asian-American activist conversation with your thuggish, juvenile ego-antics, and that I sadly, fell into it.

    The evidence is that you don’t truly care about activism and discussion, want to make noise, shout down & shut down discussions, you aren’t true honorable men — only honor-less thugs, and that you are right-wing. You know what, that reminds me of the troll fools shouting at those health care debates. You are useless trolls, who clearly identify as right-wing first and foremost, and actually care very little for AA’s.

    If you are actually Asian-American, it’s really really sad that people like you can’t see that you are actually hurting the cause by being so… thuggish, and by trashing discussions with threats, ad hominem attacks & outbursts, instead of being civil. If you are really Asian-American, I feel bad by tearing you down & getting into an angry argument about AA activism. You really have not been right about my own POV. It’s truly pointless. People like you need good counseling and some introspection.

  6. Once again you and other talk alot without saying anything. Do you realize that quantity is not quality. Hmm, terrorists, straight out of the communist/alinsky playbook. Where are the so called conservative hollywood people bagging Asians? Oh, right, there are none. Who are you to judge me, actions speak louder than words. Why don’t you meet up with some of the others like they suggested. But actions like you portray, like hiding behind a computer just begets more beatdowns like you probably receive. I myself wouldn’t have called you a bitch field chink but I see how it applies. Name some conservatives that bag Asians on the big screen you hyprocrite coward.

  7. Interesting, pleibitch thinks he’s a mindreader since he wrongly tries to assess my state of mind. Hmm, just to let you know it’s ex military libertarians like me who actually fought for freedom of speak to let field chinks like you speak. Field chink because you are too stupid to be a house chink. At least the house niggas knew they were kept. You are still in the dark. Slavery suits you.

  8. LOL, pleio/lives in his moms basement. You make me laugh. A few things about me though since your psychic ability is aweful. I finished magna cum in psychology and am working in HR in a multinational firm. Also, I’m finishing my masters in psych to get that piece of paper saying I’m a shrink. Now let me break it down for you. First your double standard with chink. What do you think about the post “chinky or not” from the authors of this website? Double standards are just beginning.

    It obviously took you a while to write your rants down while others are free associating or freestyling.

    Yes conservatives can be racist but if you believe that conservatives abound in Los Angeles you’re more in denile than I originally thought.

    You don’t address any of the statements or the specific examples of racism by many liberals vs the none in hollywood that bag on Asian Americans. But that’s ok because you are probably a virgin and won’t reproduce, thank god. Field chink is pretty harsh but appropriate in your case. Unfortunately the liberals think all of us are as cowardly and self loathing as you are. Funny how liberals claim diversity execpt when it comes to independant thought.

  9. Also, when you wrote:

    “that’s it, I tried to be nice in the end.”

    That was hilarious! Like a computer death blow! I’m sure everyone that disagrees with you is shaking in their boots.

  10. Ooh, “lives in his moms basement” — because you repeated that twice, you must think that’s so clever. — For a 10 year old.

    Rizal, I pity anybody who would HAVE TO, work with such immature nutcase such as you. And if you’re going into clinical psych, I pity your patients. You clearly cannot open your mind to other people’s views — especially if you are so ideological, immature, and racist. And clearly, if this is your disagreement style, you are not fit for management, nor any positions of responsibility.

    As for your points about liberals in Hollywood, I didn’t address them because actually, you clueless troll, I told you that you have no idea what my point of view is.

    I’m against racism from Hollywood types who think they are either liberal or conservative. In fact, I’ve been on the internet spreading the word about racist (mostly liberal) Hollywood over 15 years ago on NNTP. You were probably a pain in the ass brat to your parents, bugging them for a Macintosh at the time.

    And for a supposedly “educated” “professional” (ha!), you didn’t read, and you don’t act like one. I’ve been following the Red Dawn case for quite a while. John Milius was one of those who came up with the original remake concept. (Evidently he’s been removed from the project.) He’s a conservative/libertarian gun-nut. There’s your conservative example right here. It was mentioned before you even asked for examples. Evidently, a piece of goat-skin doesn’t mean that you can read.

    If you want another EASY example, look at Lethal Weapon 4. Mel Gibson isn’t a liberal.

    As for my opinion on “Chinky or not” look at yourself, you are using the word “chink” alot more, in a mean spirited stereotypical way, rather than using it to turn it against the racists. You are the anti-asian racist.

    In reality, if you’re not an RD plant, it looks like you’re the house slave & massa’s butler because it looks like you are defending Red Dawn. And you say that conservatives in Hollywood can do no wrong.

    And alright, if you don’t care about niceness or civillity, I can really flame you. I just think it would be bad to really psychologically hurt people, but if you permit it & bring it on, I’ll have fun.

    PS: Dion, what planet have you been on? It was conservatives who abused the terrorist label. That’s why I threw it back at you, and you revealed your convenient amnesia. But you brought up your resentment of Alinsky — who freaking cares to hate about that old history except for White Supremacists?

  11. Roger, you are a great man for passing up that role. It only makes me a bigger supporter of your movies.

  12. Roger- Thanks for writing this. For what it’s worth, you have my respect. If all the other yellows were as principled, almost none of you would be working. Except for allowing more Asians to toil behind the scenes, the movie industry hasn’t changed its view of us since “The Chink and The Child” (1919), aka “Broken Blossoms” or “The Yellow Man and The Girl”.

  13. Pleibitch and cutis. blacks have the pleasure of white guilt and play the race card to work while ‘yellows’, is that like blacks? must work by their own merit. You are still a bitch field chink and why don’t you take me up on my offer. We’ll have a charity even (you liberals love those) and put it on youtube or somewhere on the net and we’ll use MMA rules. If you can muster the courage. Is milius the only one you can come up with? Really, gather what little bravery you have and reply. Sind you email address to the monitors and you and I will get in touch. I assure you I’m not 7 or 10, are you a pedofile? Geez, I hope not. I’m sure all the other liberal racists will cough up some dough to see you get your ass beat. Come on tough guy. And by the way, all of your toadying to white liberals won[‘t get you any respect, you’ll be forgotten as the faceless chink you are. Gladly.

  14. RJ, anonymous threats of violence and posturing how “tough” you are on a faceless internet is lame. The internet is a battle of wits, but it looks like you can’t fight with words. And you are making yourself look bad.

    And again, if you just read my reply, I gave 2 examples that punctured show that conservatives can do no wrong in Hollywood. And what’s your actual opinion on Red Dawn? If you can’t say, then what the heck are you doing on this page?

    Also, stop using the word “chink” — the way you are using it is self-hating, rather than with satire.

    It’s just too easy, and it’s not sporting to tear into you. I didn’t respond to you last time. –Unless you were using one of those other names. I’m really holding back a lot more now in this response to you, because you said that you might be a vet. I just went up in this box and deleted a lot of good jokes — really.

    And if you really are a vet and an AA, and not a right-wing white supremacist, you obviously have more important anger explosion issues to deal with — really!

  15. pleio/lives in his moms basement. You’ve got problems, let’s start. First, it’s interesting what people say and don’t. You haven’t contradicted living in mommys house so I’m guessing you probably do. Second, thanks for worrying about me, other and my patients but an armchair shrink is the last thing anyone needs. Third, if you really have been criticizing racists (especially liberals) as you point out it should be noted that Patty hearst was kept less and suffered from Stockhoms, you might want to look into it. You suffer from it, if you champion their cause for 15 years? Self loathing. You don’t like the word chink even though the creaters of this blog use it, or is that hypocricy something you alone can do and not be called on? You are truly a coward and are pathetic (to inspire sadness). You, need to clean up, get on some dating service, grow some balls or take this guy RJ up on his challenge or set up an appointment. You’re getting free advise and are obviously delusional about many things. You’d be more likely to shoot up a place than he would. You don’t go to virginia tech do you?

  16. Rizal, wow, you used it a 3rd time? So you confirm that are mentally, 10 years old? Yes. You didn’t deny that also!

    I’m laughing because for a crackpot shrink you are a completely incompetent goofball who doesn’t get anything right. You are completely clueless about who you’re messing with. You are missing with all your impotent bullets. Your parents must have wasted a lot of money on a brat such as you. As everyone can see, one can lead a horse to water, but one can’t make him smart. So you’re a pig with a degree.

    You need a real psychiatric help first and foremost before you get near anybody. Who knows what you might do to them.

    It is true that you also don’t care about truth and debate, because you don’t even attempt to debate any of the relevant points about Red Dawn — which is what this page is about. You don’t deny this.

    So, you are also, truthfully, intellectually dishonest.

    You don’t even understand how racist words and slurs can be appropriated by their targets and used to create satire to ridicule racism, — instead you are a whitewashed racist who uses “chink” the same way, like your masta — thus you are stubbornly thick skulled idiot — another accurate observation.

    I’d guess that you haven’t done anything useful in fighting racism against AA’s at all. And instead you just shill for conservative political ideologies. You didn’t deny this.

    As for “shooting up,” you have conveyed a violent, irrational behavioral profile of a person who ignores facts. I don’t have delusions of violent acting out like you do. –Fact.

    In fact you are a retard, because you continuously contradict & indict yourself in every response. Project much?

    As for Stockholm Syndrome, are you defending Red Dawn — fact or not? If you can’t answer, then you are one of the plenitude of useless anti-Asian troll vermin which plague AA forums, or you are a white supremacist or one of their thrall-slave scum. And I would enjoy to continue to tear into such creatures for 2 minutes of fun.

  17. Field Chink, sorry to get to respond so late but I had a party to go to and got to bed late and work, basically a life. Something you seem to be lacking. You on the other hand, where to start. Let’s start with jokes, look in the mirror. There’s the joke. You are the fem Asian guy in every movie but certainly not the tough Asians that will be portrayed in this post. After 15 years and still sucking on the balls of the liberals. And trying to control “my” speach. Typical liberal rhetoric, and in your very weak but long (the lady doth protest too much – that you field chink) reply to someone who is trained and you. To borrow from others, lives in his moms basement, virgin, wimp. Now I want all Asian Americans to rock, even bitches like you. Gather your courage and quit hiding behind your keyboard. After 15 years, it’ll be hard for you i’m sure but it’s never to late to grow a pair of balls. Otherwise you display your denile, stupidity, cowardace and all other things that white liberals foist on us. Get your head out of your ass quit fantasizing about children and if you’re so brave, reply. Field chink

  18. Whoa, I was just looking over your post again and did you really write’

    ” you don’t know who you’re messing with”.

    Seriously? LOL,

    If you’re so brave send Roger an email and respond to my offer. Or will you “tear into me” also. I’m pissing my pants ( not really) LOL

  19. Rizal,

    We have established thus far:
    You are an intellectually dishonest wannabe and claim to be a shrink.
    You have an extremely rigid, ideological point of view where you would sell out Asians to your right-wing masters.
    Note that being intellectually dishonest, ideologically rigid, and being a good psychological analyst are incompatible, and will be bad for your patients and rob them of their money.
    You have very little self awareness, or else you would have noticed that your thought of settling a verbal argument through physical violence is actually an self-indictment and self-projection of accusations violent acting out ala Virginia Tech.
    You refuse to debate with facts and ideas, and instead resort to juvenile and immature name calling as your main instrument of disagreement.

    Or you could be an amalgam construct of a white supremacist or a right-wing troll shill. I’m completely fed up with such troll vermin sabotaging AA forums.

    In all cases, you shame yourself and your family.

    And through your obvious inability to deal with the reality of facts, you embarrass yourself and your family.

    And because you FAIL, utterly FAIL to respond to the points, because YOU LOST, you only have lame, juvenile 10 year old insults left. You are a racist troll. If you are AA, you a pathetic racist troll who licks the balls of his right-wing white supremacist masters.

    RJ: ok, I’ll let you have 2 jokes that I deleted before:
    1 — “I’m not 7 or 10!” — ha ha, ok, let me guess again, 8 1/2?

    2 — This is a battle of wits, but you come unarmed. You embarrass and trip all over yourself.

    This was worth a laugh. I’m sick of pathetic infantile anti-AA trolls like you two.

  20. Field Chink, 2 posts for me. I’m flattered. And you’re right. I started college at 7 and graduated at 9. I’m a genius. But you are writing a 10 year old from your mom’s basement. OK, I’m not really 10 but you flatter me. Using slavery and masters? If you look chronologically you steal from me but then again I expect that. Now you admit that I am the one with the degree (decorated I may add!) so why should people listen to me, just because I am qualified in a field you obviously aren’t. People must listen to you, lol. Second did you really say:

    “you don’t know who you’re messing with”

    OMG, LOL… Then you wrote:

    “you gonna tear into me”

    LOL!!!!! Listen, it’s hard to face the facts that you can only express yourself behind the keyboard where no one knows you but as you show, fear is gripping and we Real Asian Americans that have backbones must fight back against the real menace of the white liberals.

    To the other Asian Americans reading this, would you rather be forgotten as a coward like Field Chink here or die a virgin like him, or continue to live at home while only able to project your anger and frustration at, gulp, other Asian Americans?

    I expect more from Asian Americans in general but you Field Chink may be too far gone. And your “FACTS”, you resemble the shooter in DC at the Jew meuseum (registered democrat-like you) or the muslim shooter at the military recruiter station in the south, and guess what, also the guy at Virginia tech. Wake up Asian Americans, this one (field chink) is lost to the lefty system.

  21. Rizal,
    Really, you started college at 7?
    Was that CLOWN COLLEGE? hahaha!

    Ok, little brat. You like knock knock jokes?
    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    RED DAWN who?
    It’s a red dawn, so wake the hell up, and answer the question: What’s your opinion on the movie?

    You don’t answer, because you CONFIRM that you are one of those troll vermin.

    And geez, what’s your obsession with the whole “Mom’s basement” thing? Is it some Freudian slip? Did something dark happen with you and that?

    And yes. You don’t know who you are messing with, because you are so completely clueless.
    You keep whining about “liberals bad, liberals are the real menace…” All this time, I’m thinking WTF is this fool ranting about this to me for?
    Is this fool, Michelle Malkin or one of her obsessed fans? Or are you actually Michelle Malkin — ie: put on a wig, and rant against liberals?

    I was a conservative a long time ago, but given the past 10 years, it’s obvious there are few honorable true conservatives left. So you don’t know who you are messing with at all. The right-wingers in charge of the GOP are too much like you: intellectually dishonest, toxic for the USA, arrogantly wrong, untrustworthy, and moral hypocrites. — Mentally malfunctioning misanthropic freaks & bullies represent your most vocal base & leadership.

    And you aren’t a “Real” anything — except a real CONFIRMED right-wing troll who ignores facts, and uses racist slurs at any Asian who isn’t a right-wing freak.

    BTW, the DC shooter has been affiliated with neo-nazis and white supremacists. And the VT shooter got his guns thanks to right-wing gun nuts.
    Umm, it’s obvious that you are projecting again.

  22. Field Chink, you obvious only have validation behind a screen typing. I’m willing to bet you have very little to offer in the real world and little experience with actual interaction with people. I feel bad for you because you’re like a disabled puppy peeing on the floor. You once again stated “you don’t know who you’re messing with”. What will you do exactly, foam at the mouth while you’re typing? The facts remain that you are the butt of jokes that white liberals keep making. Unfortunately you are the image that they portray and not Jason Scott Lee. Coward, virgin, and wimp describe you best but the saddest thing about you (and one that you don’t even realize) is that like a pavlovian dog you answer to the bell, but you answer to Field Chink. That’s right, I don’t use the lame name you chose but gave you one and you respond to it. I really hope you clean up and get outside. The US is really very nice once you get to know it and quit fearing life. Good luck Field Chink. Somehow I think you’ll reply, because you can’t help yourself. You have no other life.

  23. Rizzy boy,

    2 words:
    Red Dawn.

    By your non-answer, you admit that you are nothing but right-wing anti-Asian racist troll vermin. Who do you think you are? Nazi-Germany trying to recruit Imperial Japan into the White-Supremacist Axis Alliance?

    If I argue that : 2+2 = 4
    Are you gonna shout out: “You lie!”
    Or just sit there confused with facts you can’t recognize? roflmao!

    Or do you dress up as Michelle Malkin and dream about “cowardly, virgin, wimp, liberal” Asian males? eww… creepy. No wonder you obsess about Asian males that way.

    And anyway, I already told you, that I’m not a political ideologue (unlike you). Your diminutive intellect is swinging at shadows, desperately missing. You are lost in shadows because the “world” you live in, is an ideological distortion of reality. Thus you can’t even reason effectively.

    Jason Scott Lee — if he professed to disagree with Rush Limbaugh, you’d probably go rabid on him too.

    But he could probably take you down (intellectually and physically) with one hand in his pocket too.

    And geez, you keep saying the same thing. You’ve got nothing on a Pavlovian dog. You are like a wooden dummy. If one knocks on the head of a wooden dummy, there’s no intelligent response. It’s just Rizzy in a tizzy.

    Knock knock, Rizzy. Anybody home (upstairs in the head)?

    Oh yeah, Rizzy, as for the decorations on your CLOWN COLLEGE diploma — is it ketchup or spaghetti & meatballs?

    BTW, you are projecting again. Trained animals respond the same way when exposed to stimulus. You keep saying the same thing, and don’t respond to questions and facts.

    Dizzy Rizzy in a tizzy, you shame yourself and your family. You also shame: Republicans, Jose Rizal, the USA (especially since right-wing militia freaks often interpret the 2nd Amendment as a condonement for insurrection), the Internets, Conservatives in Hollywood, the kindergarten that you failed to graduated from, your computer keyboard (eww), and your parole officer.


    Thanks for the short break of laughter, Mr. Right-wing, racist troll dude in the basement of his right-wing compound.

  24. Hey field chink, now you are copying somebody else again. It’s obvious that what others say about you are true. And I for one am not a computer geek only able to communicate on computer.

  25. Troll vermin,
    So you’re going by the name of “Dion” now? How lame.

    And, right back at you: Right-wing racist trolls have no originality. They all march lock step with “Limburger’s” talking points, and carry little black books titled “Mein Kampf” stuffed into their underwear to convince themselves that they are more manly.

    And: And I for one am not troll vermin incapable of coherent thought.

    Your opinion on Red Dawn?

    Answer the question, or confirm that you are just more extremist racist troll vermin.

  26. Field chink, who are you talking too? Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and lets raise some money. I’ve never claimed to be tough but I have wanted to raise money for charity. You on the other hand are a coward and even if liberals started portraying Asian Americans closer to me it would be a great step up from the cowards, and virgins like you. It’s RJ here field chink and nobody else. Answer you coward.

  27. Troll Vermin,

    I don’t beat up on immature idiot children, and moronic brats. And I’d be a fool to trust right-wing thugs such as yourself. What bizzarro reality do you live in, to believe that a complete stranger would trust you, waste time, and humor your pathetic request for a duel? I wouldn’t even want to dignify you with my foot imprint on your midsection.

    Your opinion on the Red Dawn remake? [crickets chirping]
    Wow, there is continuous, undeniable confirmation of your troll vermin nature.

    If you have any money, which I doubt, why don’t you just go ahead & donate it to charity already? Just don’t donate it to your drug dealer or steroid supplier. When you are on ‘roid rage, it’s obvious for everyone to see, that you can’t read, spell, or reason correctly.

    And don’t pick a fight with your mom either (and get beat up by her again!). A better and less violent alternative for you would be to go and slink away back to your right-wing racist compound.

    Racist right-wing troll vermin like you give me a chance to vent against the kinds of fools who have shafted the USA with such a mess these days. You rabid idiots stuck the US with an unnecessary & tragic war in Iraq, slept with Wall Street, ran up the deficit, and ruined the economy. And you irresponsible, mentally impaired, dishonorable loutish rabble keep going, unrepentant. You trashed & shamed the reputation of the Republican party and tarnish the legacy of long past Republicans who were actually good for the US. You act as corrupt lackeys for corporate interests. You have no shame.

  28. Field Chink, I’m Dion and I commented on you before. what’s is like to have your head stuck so far up you ass. It seems that whatever you believe it’s doesn’t include getting better representation from white liberals. Are you sticking up for them under duress? You mention red dawn but if you look at who is producing it, it’ll be white liberals. The original that was about russians and nowhere now does it have any conservative hollywood types backing it. And if it does can you honestly say that conservatives malign Asian Americans more than white liberals? You’re a coward and want to kick your ass myself. I’m next in line for this beotch! You claim to “tear into people:” but I doubt you could tear into a steak. I’d bet some serious cash that RJ would trounce you. I know I would. Field chinks suck Asian Americans, don’t be like Field chink!

  29. Yo field chink, I commented on you before. Don’t mix me up with anyone else. You are so in the tank for the liberals that you can’t see you’re not even definding yourself. What did you think about Chinky or not, or the other post in which Asians die for whites? Look at the producers, they’re white liberals. Where do the whites die for the Asians. You’re such a bitch I want to kick your ass. I’m next in line after RJ you beotch.

  30. Troll Vermin,

    You racist thugs are very tiresome: “blah blah, chink chink chink, liberal bad, i wanna kick your ass with my sissy stupid self, blah blah, i’m such a tough chickenhawk stupid loudmouth big-talking idiot with no substance, see i’m showing you right now… blah blah…”

    Moron, you are an anti-liberal racist idiot. You want more proof, look in the mirror and look at the ugly, stupid, racist troll thug. Moreover, your comments come off as mentally disturbed. They’re nothing more than rantings of an incoherently angry barbarian caveman (again, no offense intended to the Geico cavemen).

    Your incoherently angry barbarian-style mental malfunction of a response, verifies that my hunch turned out to be correct in that you identify more with your racist right-wing affiliations, than with any true concern for Asians. You are continuously verifying that you are one of those shameless racist right-wing trolls — perhaps one of those militia, Turner Diary touting weirdo types as well.

    And where did I say that liberals can’t be racist. The subject under discussion is the Red Dawn remake. Which you fail to even discuss. The originator of the idea, fact, is a conservative/libertarian gun nut. Hollywood is racist, but you are such an ideological troll racist idiot that you just want to blame it ONLY on liberals.

    It’s obvious, ie: your “chink, chink, chink” ranting, that you are just trolling to hijack the Hollywood racism issue for partisan, right-wing purposes.

    Yawn. Whoever remarked about the banality of evil was right. You racist-trolls are truly banal and tiresome.

  31. Of course, making a movie about a bunch of teens vs. sleeper cells of Muslim jihadists in American cities who take over would be actually realistic…but CAIR would sue Hollywood out of any profits, and Islamists would be enraged, some stuff would get blown up and people would lose their heads. So. China.

  32. Also, pleiotroph accuses right-wingers of having “slept with Wall Street” …he needs to look at the propaganda posters for the new film. One of them is a Communist star with a sword through a stock-market bull, talking about greedy capitalists.

    So. That’s what you stand for, then? You definitely won’t like the film.

  33. Cindy – 08/18/2009 at 7:32 pm

    “You know what pissed me off about this? The fact that the part of the Asian cheerleader, Erica, has been turned into a white cheerleader. I’m also a Chinese-American actress, and it’s outrageous to me that a part WRITTEN for an ASIAN has been changed just like that. So now, all the Chinese in the movie are bad guys. Great.”

    Yeah, but then there’s that dynamic of the Asian woman being paired up with the heroic, All-American white god – while Asian men are again the antagonists.

    The suggestion of course, is that Asian females are a respected and above all, wanted segment of a utopian, multi-racial America, while Asian men are still foreign scumbag cockroaches that need to be eradicated.

    Sound familiar?

    Perhaps the silver lining is that you were saved from yet again becoming the white man’s sexual and cultural property.

    But maybe then again, some Asian-American actresses don’t give a damn about that as long as they get their chance in the limelight. All food for thought.

    Anyway Roger Fan, I have to commend you for taking a stand. I’d like to shake your hand and buy you a drink if I could.

  34. good going roger!
    I got your back!!!

  35. kudos to you. You have my admiration! I hope you’ll get some good roles someday soon!

  36. Oh, of course, the “hot asian girl.” You know, there really does seem to be some kind of force at work in the media design to hypersexualize the asian female, while castrating the asian male. Meanwhile the mentality of audiences across the U.S. is manipulated like so much puppetry.

    Tactics used by “Red Dawn” really haven’t changed much from the days of black and white television (“The World of Suzy Wong,” for example) but there have been oases of progressiveness. Remember “21 Jumpstreet” from the ’80s? The chief was black, there was a goodlooking and hip male asian detective- that show was ahead of its time.

    Unfortunately something seems to have shifted in the Hollywood guard, and its back to its stereotypical ways. Who knows, maybe once these old moguls die out, they’ll be replaced by the likes of those who created 21 Jumpstreet. I for one am hopeful.

  37. Roger, you rocks, and I am a big fan. As an Asian American male, you guys are my idols. I could careless about Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.

    I hope you have a great career and plenty of good opportunity ahead of you.

  38. +1 for Roger and standing up for his beliefs.

    Excuse me if I have repeated other’s comments or mention something that has previously been discussed because I skipped over a lot of the older posts. The massive side-discussion by several of the others gave me a headache. I lost track of who was saying what.


    Sometimes we have to forego the paycheck and food on the table and toys to play with in order to fight for our DIGNITY and to demand at least equal RESPECT from others. Yeah….if Roger had made the appearance to do the readings he would have forever been pegged as the “nice guy who came in and read the Chinese-parts”. The agents saw it as an opportunity to get some brownie-points for themselves, but it was not in any way shape or form a career-advancing move for Roger. In fact, it was quite insulting. Thankfully, Roger had the gumption and the wherewithall to turn it down. Other persons/actors looking for work in a similar situation may not have been able to afford to do that, on many different levels. I wouldn’t hold it against them. We all gotta do what we gotta do sometimes….

    At the end of the day, you have to fight for yourself.

  39. roger, I commend you for your self-respect. I know it must be hard to survive in hollywood as a minority with a spine but march on my friend!

    And to the two people arguing about conservatives and liberals….well I hate to break it to you but neither group is our friend. I normally call myself a liberal but I’m well aware that most “liberals” would throw asian-americans under the bus when push comes to shove. That said, liberals still aren’t nearly as evil as most conservatives imo. Every time I see rush limbaugh’s face, I vomit a little. In the end, asian-americans need to fight for respect on our own (and hopefully withs ome allies) but personally, I wouldn’t bank on much support from either the “liberals” or the “conservatives”.

  40. I really don’t get this whole argument over whether liberals or conservative groups are better to asians.

    Look, “liberal” hollywood likes to depict asians as morons or nonexistent. Conservatives would like to revoke all of our citizenship.

    NONE of them are our friends. Every time there’s an election, I have to ask myself which party I hate less at the moment.

  41. Some moron above wrote this:

    “We are just 2 decades away from “Majority-Minority America” and right at the beginning of the “Asian Century.”

    Seeing as how the EU, Oceania, US and Canada have a combined GDP of $40 trillion and how India has a foreign policy that is pro-Western, I’d say we’ll be living in a Western Century for many centuries to come. But that’s besides the point of your racist rant.

    The real point is the first sentence you make where you imply that the relegation of whites to minority status is something we should be looking forward to. Really? Where’s your analytical research? Your scientific evidence? (Sorry, China times or the global times or any of those government-controlled rag of a news station don’t count as research evidence) And let’s say it does happen. Whose going to be the new majority? Blacks? Hispanics? Asians? Or are all the minorities to you one and the same? And let’s so you can pick out an ethnic minority that does become the ethnic majority? Am I supposed to care? Most Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are patriotic; just look say Eric Shinseki, the number of Asians serving in the US military or the number of Asians serving in the current US Administration!

  42. Loved reading about your experience when I read it. I applaud what you did. I am not an actress, but I watch a lot of movies and television. As long as there are minority actors willing to portray culturally offensive roles that pander to long held fears and beliefs, Hollywood will keep making these movies. I am black, and racist-stereotyped characters in movies irritate me to no end. When my parents were children the roles available to black actors were mealy mouthed slaves and mammies. Things have changed somewhat, but Hollywood is still content to sell images that it thinks America is comfortable with. It’s very easy to see a black man as a drug dealer or a black woman as a single mother on welfare, so that’s what it sold. Similarly, I think Hollywood finds it easier to place Asians in boxes. Asian males are particularly targeted. Even though we’ve had shows like 21 Jump Street, Flash Forward, and Community which feature Asian-Americans in fabulous roles, Hollywood is still content to make movies portraying Asians (men in particular) as sinister villains or emasculated second fiddles to superheroes. In

  43. Wow, that’s pretty aggressive of your agents to keep insisting you for the movie, I applaud what you did as well. I’m an Asian American and it saddens me the American entertainment industry is still not moving forward with more diverse roles for minorities particularly Asians. What will it take for the American entertainment industry to finally accept Asians as equals rather than being marginalized caricatures of stereotypical characters? I remember when I watched Dragon the Bruce Lee story, there was a scene in the movie where Bruce was a young boy being trained in martial arts which is totally not true in real life. Some of my friends who never read about Bruce’s life actually believed he was trained in martial arts as a youngster from the movie. Now don’t get me wrong, I love that movie and it does show Hollywood’s racism very well, and I was especially moved at the end of the film when Bruce and his wife were arguing about racism, but the problem I see with that scene of Bruce being trained as a youngster kind of bothered me because I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked if I new martial arts. When I was at a friend’s wedding, (my friend who is white) there was a white kid that was running around saying Jackie Chan is here. Now I’m flattered he thought I was Jackie Chan, but still, if Jackie Chan is his only image of an Asian person, that says a lot about American society.

  44. Thanks Roger for your posting.

    I just saw ‘Ping Pong Playa’ and laughed a lot… couldn’t figure out why I had only just discovered it via Netflix. Loved the energy of the cast and the all the feel good moments in the film. The family in that film had relationships that were evolving and positive. Had a fun time watching it; checked Wikipedia, Google, and IMDB for the cast backgrounds, and discovered this page as a result.

    With regards to working in the Hollywood Scene, wow. I don’t work in film, so I can’t say I’ve experienced similar things, but I am sorry to read about how difficult such daily acting choices are. Sucks. But wow, I just saw ‘Social Network’ – not a very factual film, but fairly grounded, and riveting. Watching it gave me an interesting perspective – there are those who will always have advantages over others in certain circles, no matter where we go and who we are in this life. But will also always be people who love what they do, and let their passions drive them day after day to be the best at their craft, regardless of obstacles around them. Not everyone is given a life with obstacles to they are left with little choice but to overcome… and not everyone rises to the challenge.

    Life in Hollywood bites… okay, that fact is now in print. But, you are also charismatic, and talented… that’s a fact as well, with proof to spare. Still further, you also have a sense of integrity that is the foundation of your life choices… another hard fought fact. Okay, then don’t stop sharing your talent, AND continue to keep that integrity. I think you have a realistic view of the limited options that always seem to come with that decision. Very well then – give the best of yourself to the nobler options that remain, and pray about the rest… We can’t always change our situations overnight, but we can certainly control how we face and rise up to meet them…

    I wish you luck man, thanks for choosing to make audiences smile

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  46. Old topic, but I’m going to comment anyway. It’s very telling and sad when an asian-American can’t even get a role as an asian-American yet some non-American foreigner gets to play the lead American hero just because he’s white.