Here is a story which will make you go awww, and if any of you are fathers or will be fathers, here is a benchmark for you to reach for. Jerry Zhang and his 4 year old daughter Madison have storytime, and it’s a time Madison looks forward to. But because there are very few story books with Asian looking characters, (Zhang’s wife made many efforts in looking for these kind of books with not too much luck), Zhang decided to take matters into his own hands and create a series of books himself.

So the first book of the series of Pepper Zhang: Artist Extraordinare was born. Zhang did set up a kickstarter for his book with the initial goal of $5,000. Well even though the crowdfunding campaign finished on the 17th May, his efforts have surpassed his initial goal and he has raised a whopping $30,639. You can still go to his kickstarter site and pre-order the book. This first book forms part of his long term project and is part of his LITTLE NING BOOKS brand.

When you hear his motivation for all this you will be stunned and go awwww. I mean, his daughter wanted to have books read with strong and funny female characters and because there were hardly any which featured strong and funny female characters who were Chinese American, he decided to create his own. He tells the Huffington Post:

“Over and over again, Madison requested these books with strong and funny lead characters,”

“When I tried to explain to her that it’s important to read about Chinese culture because she’s Chinese, she blurted out ‘I don’t want to be Chinese’ and pushed the books aside,”

”Representation does matter and I’m hoping the book and future books in the series will provide an option for children of all backgrounds to see a fun, strong and interesting Asian child as the hero of the story,”

What a great father, and Madison is already a big fan of the book (the most important fan/critic):

“Madison is super excited about the project and even recently expressed an interest in learning Chinese!”

“I’ve also heard from friends of mine that their kids are pointing to Pepper and saying, ‘That’s me!’”

I will definitely be ordering one ready for when I have kids!

Images via Huffington Post

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Dad Creates Book For Daughter Who Didn’t ‘Want To Be Chinese’


  1. Asian Male Patriarchy!!!

  2. It starts really young for a lot of afs.

  3. Books from China and Taiwan not good enough for them? It’s funny how Asian Americans complain about being othered and exotified yet disregard media from Asia as not representative of them. It’s as if Asians from Asia are so “other” they couldn’t relate.

  4. @changeling27, he said his daughter doesn’t know Chinese (but now wants to learn) so the obvious problem is that she won’t be able to read books from China.