Apparently, white folks are losing their minds because Kim Kardashian West decided to get creative and serve her kids “hot dog sushi” ’cause “when your kids LOVE sushi and hot dogs you get creative #HotDogSushi”:

Alright, this white nonsense just has to stop! First of all, “hot dog sushi” is already a thing. Any self-respecting Korean knows that hot dog kimbap already exists and it’s fucking awesome and about as close to comfort food as you can get:

(via Hapa Mama)

So take your white imperialist fondue and kale eating ass and just shut the fuck up about shit you don’t know!

Now, if you think I’m defending Kardashian, I have a “hell no” to throw your way. She’s just as complicit in this culinary cultural ignorance. First of all, you didn’t do anything “creative” by making your “hot dog sushi”. “Creative” implies that you actually “created” the “hot dog sushi”, which we’ve established is patently false since this already exists and has existed for as long as there’s been seaweed, rice, and hot dogs so you need to stop with this Columbusing! That’s like me putting bacon on a hamburger and saying I “created” the bacon burger.

And if you’re going to be really “creative” at least put in some real effort to make something decent. This half-assed effort is what you’re so proud of?

Compare that to what a Korean ajumma can whip up in her sleep:

(via Miss Hangrypants)

Notice the difference? It isn’t even hard, Hapa Mama has a hot dog kimpbap recipe here that you your personal chef can easily make.

What white nonsense are we going to get next? White folks upset that someone’s created “Sushi Spam”?

(via Two Red Bowls)