Among the many disturbing revelations we’re learning about UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger, who killed six people and himself on a violent rampage last night, is that it wasn’t only the “attractive” women who wouldn’t sleep with him that he had issues with, but the non-white men, a.k.a. “the obnoxious brutes”, who seemingly were able to date these women while he, “the supreme gentlemen”, could not.


But while it would be easy to paint Rodger as a fucked-up and privileged white male with problems, it turns out he’s hapa Asian—a “Eurasian” with a British father and an Asian mother.

And it sounds like he had issues with his own racial identity that may have helped fuel his rampage. Here’s an excerpt from the 140-page manifesto he left behind where he describes an encounter with an African American friend of his roommate who claimed to have lost his virginity at 13:

How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half white myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves. I deserve it more. I tried not to believe his foul words, but they were already said, and it was hard to erase from my mind. If this is actually true, if this ugly black filth was able to have sex with a blonde white girl at the age of thirteen while I’ve had to suffer virginity all my life, then this just proves how ridiculous the female gender is. They would give themselves to this filthy scum, but they reject ME? The injustice!

While he acknowledges that he is hapa and “beautiful,” what’s telling in this statement is how he frames his identity. He is “half white” not “half Asian.” He is “descended from British aristocracy”. No mention of his Asian roots. And if there were any doubt how he felt about “Asian men,” postings he left on the site makes it pretty clear. In one post, Rodger responded to an Asian male who asked if buying a certain brand of shows would help him attract women. Rodger responded by writing:

Shoes won’t help you get white girls. White girls are disgusted by you, silly little Asian.

And when the Asian man posted pictures of himself with a white woman, this was Rodger’s response:

Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You’re just butthurt that you were born as an asian piece of shit, so you lash out by linking these fake pictures. You even admit that you wish you were half white. You’ll never be half-white and you’ll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge.

And if that wasn’t clear enough, he also wrote more in his manifesto:

I came across this Asian guy who was talking to a white girl. The sight of that filled me with rage. I always felt as if white girls thought less of me because I was half-Asian, but then I see this white girl at the party talking to a full-blooded Asian. I never had that kind of attention from a white girl! And white girls are the only girls I’m attracted to, especially the blondes. How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them?

Two new housemates moved into my apartment for the Autumn semester. They were two foreign Asian students who attended UCSB. These were the biggest nerds I had ever seen, and they were both very ugly with annoying voices.

Now, I know a lot of hapas who’ve had various struggles with their identities, but none of them went on a killing spree. Some of them have gone through periods where they may have been ashamed of their Asianness, but for the most part, they’ve been able to come to terms with who they are.

But Rodger seems to have completely tipped over to the other side—rejecting his Asianness while holding up his whiteness as something that should automatically give him access to what he thinks he rightly deserves, in this case, the blonde white women he’s attracted to. He may call himself “a beautiful Eurasian,” but we know what side of the fence he’d firmly plant his feet on if, damnit, life weren’t so unfair.

I’m still trying to process all the news that’s coming in so I don’t profess to have any sort of insight into how his own racial identity played into his actions–all I have at the moment are questions. Perhaps he was just another lonely and troubled man—a self-described “victim” who felt his only recourse was to lash out and blame everyone else for his situation instead of taking responsibility for his own misogyny, racism and misplaced sense of privilege. But I think the truth is more complicated than that and in the next days and weeks, I’m sure a more detailed picture of this young man will begin to emerge. And I suspect what we’ll see will be even more disturbing than what we’ve learned so far, not because it’ll further prove how fucked-up Rodger was—no, we already have plenty of evidence of that–but because it’ll raise more questions that may hit even closer to home.


UPDATE 5/25: It’s being reported that the three victims found in Rodger’s apartment were Asian American males–at least two of them were purported to be his roommates.


  1. White media’s agenda… anti-Asian propaganda. What an awesometastic way to end Asian Heritage Month!!! Gee-willickers!

  2. “Perhaps he was just another lonely and troubled man…”

    Right, because when women-hating men kill women, they’re just lonely and misunderstood, not misogynists.

  3. It didnt play any role.. Im a half asian and have never had “race issues” and I would never identify as white cuz im not. I am a man of color and proud. Elliot was born or somehow became a psycho if he was full white he still wouldve been a creep. As a half asian I have never had issues getting girls so it has nothing to do with that!

  4. So not only was this guy sexist as well, but he was racist too. Thank goodness he’s dead. The last thing we need is another filthy scumbag like him.

  5. Clear as day that his problems had nothing to do with his race and looks and everything to do with his attitude towards women and his mental illness. If his racist attitudes emerged (and I’m sure they did), that would have killed his chances too.

  6. He repeatedly tried to dye his hair blonde. He also said he wanted to slaughter “Blonde Sluts”.

    He didn’t like white people. We are told it’s good to be one big happy family until this sort of mutant comes along to suggest that something ain’t right.

  7. I am half way through his manifesto. I think his race definitely played into this. He absorbed the message from society that ‘white is better’…’rich is better’. He wanted to erase his Asian side and be fully white like the people he idolized…who looked like they were having so much fun. White people can be racist jerks, but so can everyone else. People didn’t deserve to die for looking how he wanted to look. He felt trapped from getting a girl like his ‘white side’ because of his ‘Asian side’…that made him shorter, slighter, non-blonde…Asian-ish.

  8. He seems to into himself! His Holy attitude is why I would think twice about dating him. And what he didn’t realize that if it ain’t looks that attracts puerile but also intelligent and attitude. If you walk with your nose in the air then nobody can look at you But only see your nasty nostrils. He just had issues identifying with himself and race. Maybe had a hard time growing up being half Asian in a non Asian town. Wii knows

  9. He was diagnosed at an earlier age with Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism meaning he had difficulties with social interaction.
    Rodger was living with roommates at the Independent Living Institute in Santa Barbara, a facility that offers ‘living skills instruction to help adults with disabilities to live more independently in their communities,’ according to the website.

    Read more:

  10. i was around elliot’s age when the va tech shooting happened. this could almost be the same thing. he was emasculated and it triggered a fight or flight response. under such duress you feel as though your life is being threatened. that is why elliot was able to kill.

  11. @John, emasculation has nothing to do with the shooting rampage. It’s because he’s white and his culture made him do it! ^_^

  12. Being Asian has nothing to do with this. It’s his white privilege that gives him an incredible sense of entitlement. He can’t believe a non-white can enjoy life and get girls. To him, that’s an injustice.

    There is no insanity – just white privilege in the unchecked mind.

    If you want to blame someone blame the white culture that says you’re white so you’re special and you deserve everything.

    This is what happens in extreme cases.

  13. Thinking he’s better than other guys in terms of looks and status. Imagine if he were involved with a girl, he would be very possessive of her and get into fights with guys he thinks are bad and losers even when they are not. This is why girls avoid mixed race guys. They see them as pretty boys who think they are better-looking than other guys that they become slutty homewreckers, or woman-stealers. And they are very intimidating as well which can make them easily thrown off by them.

  14. To me, he’s WHITE. Being Asian, again by my definition, you need to be doing ASIAN stuffs, Asian culture. Otherwise, you just proved yourself racist by saying people’s behavior is predestined by their DNA. Mind you, I can say he’s WHITE because that’s the CULTURE he was brought up in. I wouldn’t outright say that white men are born gun crazy. It just so happen that’s the outcome of history because they are in power. Oh, he reminds me of Caligula.

  15. The guy from this blog isn’t him, he specifically said his father was american, while roger’s was british.

  16. Also, the guy from the blog identified as asian with full-asians, while rodger hated full-asians.

  17. It is a shame that people like him exist. Ones that would kill others because of petty reasons.

    It is unfortunate that it is so hard to meet somebody though. I’m an average 23 year old guy and have had no luck meeting somebody who was cool/a good person and interested in going on even a date with me. But for me I just end up throwing myself to what I know is less complicated than that. School work and Career planning. I used to care more but…giving up hope for stuff.

  18. This seems to be a uniquely American problem. Plenty of countries have no fault divorce and there are blended families. Plenty of countries have sexes mixing freely. Plenty of countries have alcohol consumption and underage sex. But only America has this problem of rage.

  19. Excuse me, wtf does white privilege have to do with this?

    He was room mates with two Chinese-American boys. What kind of white supremacist rooms with Chinese people? Also, the Santa Barbara environment is very Asian. The UC system: it’s dominated utterly by Asians. Utterly.

    White priv? Wtf!

  20. “I’m going to enter the hottest sorority house of UCSB and I will slaughter every single spoilt, stuck-up, blonde s**t that I see inside there.”

    For blonde just insert white. Is this how Eurasians and Asians view white women? Blonde Sluts?

  21. “Here’s why that’s a problem.”

    Elliot strikes me as the nasty surprise awaiting our deracinated future of blended folkways:

  22. Regardless of his identity issues, Elliot Rodger was angry with women becaue he’s a misogynist with an attitude problem who thought he was automatically entitled to female company. Never mind making an effort to be a nice human being whom a woman or girl might want to talk to — Rodger thought women *owed* him attention, and that’s the key mistake there, folks. Women DO NOT owe men any attention whatsoever, but they’re usually more than willing to talk with and listen to someone who behaves like a decent human being and isn’t a narcissist.

    What Rodger didn’t get is that this is a) voluntary, not required, on any woman’s part, b) the world doesn’t revolve around him or any other teenager, so get over that, c) if you want a love life, you first have to be someone worth liking and loving (two different things there), which means you have to work on yourself to get there. The so-called pick-up strategies he took issue with completely ignore all that and treat women as commodities — so when that backfires, nobody should be surprised. It doens’t mean that you get to assault or kill women who don’t respond to you (probably because you never did anything to make yourself likable). Those pick-up websites and ‘experts’ are a big part of the problem: they’re giving boys and men the wrong message and encouraging unrealistic, unfair expectations. When does that stop?

  23. Really silly to imply his race had anything to do with it. He was obviously just plain old insane. I would be more prone to the think growing up lonely, isolated and rich played more of a role in the pain of his psyche. Growing up in the SF Bay Area, so-called Eurasians are some of the best people and best friends I have till this day. Tsk, tsk to this blog.

  24. I have to disagree, race does play heavily into this and well as upbringing and parents. Only western living Asians will understand this so its likely not going to be discussed in the main stream media.

    Just by the way this kid thinks, I would suggest his mother has a fair share of self loathing which may have grown into him (not because she marries a white guy but it may be part of her overall attitude).

    He comes across as this boy who really wants to be like his dad who probably a bit of a playboy womanizer (hollywood director after all). So he looks up to that ideal. Unfortunately for him being half Asian but looking more Asian than white in the west means he will NEVER be a womanizer in the way he wants (not here to discuss this, for better or worse that is just how it is in the west).
    Thus his frustration grows and we have this result.

    If he wasnt Asian he may still have this issue but he will have less self hate (to be sure, he only really hates his Asian half).
    I see a portion of this blame has to fall on popular western culture as it relates to race especially asian boys. Also a portion has to be blamed on his parents who didn’t teach him to love himself both sides and to love others. He saw women as a prize. What does that say about his mother ?
    Obviously I have just conjecturing here, but it does seem to relate very closely to race and self hate.

  25. The real deal about this dude is that he was basically an arrogant, narcissistic spoiled brat who thought he was entitled to women (white women in particular) simply because he was part-white. He clearly had some major self-hate of his Asian side—the truth is, most people usually grow out of that immature attitude by their early ’30’s or so. He was also a sick,racist psychopathic bastard who though the world owed him something just because he was here —nothing, absolutely NOTHING, justified what he did. Very sad what happened,unfortunately.

  26. @Supercuts

    White privilege had a hell of a lot to do with it because he made it clear he thought he was superior because he was part-white—-looking at the comments above,it’s pretty obvious that he did. His white privilege made him think everybody was supposed to bow down and kiss his behind, since he was too insecure and immature to realize that trying to be more white alone wasn’t gonna help him get women. Makes me wonder if he was ever taught to be proud of his part-Asian heritage to begin with.

  27. Elliot Rodger’s father has consistently found, dated and wooed Asian women and other very ethnic “exotics.” Take for example, Soumaya Akaaboune of Moroccan descent. Li Chin who was Rodger’s mother was Chinese. She it appears consistently traded values including her own and those she learned from the Chinese community in Malaysia for material life, goods. Got the passport didn’t she. Gave Elliot the BMW when he ranted and ranted and ranted about his suffering and “no girls.”

    Matter of fact, for Peter Rodger, that is all he dates (ethnic women) once he moved to Hollywood. If that wasn’t the white colonial attitude which was then passed on to the son, as a simply misogynism, then I don’t know what is. Dad passed on to son — white male privilege.

    Two reasons for Rodger’s preferences, one–it is what he likes and catches his eye. Two, who would be mostly willing to suck up to his power and prestige especially in Hollywood. Ever see Asians on TV or in commercials in the center of the shot with speaking lines? Those are my “Hunger games,”–Hungry to see more of what America really looks like. I’d like to see more diversity in Hollywood and more Asian Am actors calling the establishment on this. Until that happens, no jobs and no roles gals/guys.

  28. I think race has a lot do with it. He identified himself as white and therefore privileged, but mad at blonde women, his fetish, who rejected him and any man of color for even talking with his women.
    I met a guy like him once who told me “I can fuck your woman but you can’t ours” to put me in my “place”. Lucky for me, it’s hard for racists like Roger to get guns in Canada. Also the irony is that Roger is half Asian himself.

  29. People like Elliot Rodger are products of self-hating racist Asian women who teach their children how to hate Blacks, Hispanics, and even their own Asianess.

    These self-hating racist Asian women refuse to date Black, Hispanic, and even Asian men, but are willing to accept the most repulsive white men, the kind of scummy white men that other women do not want.

    Many Asian women who date white men (typically, white men who are bottom-barrel losers that white women do not want) pass on their racism and self-hatred to their children. Elliot Rodger hated to see Asian men and other non-white men dating white women. He was so enraged that he stabbed his Asian roommates to death.

    He lived with his mother as his parents are divorced so his racist and self-hating Asian mother is the main nurturer of his self-hatred and racism.

    Elliot Rodger is the product of a self-hating racist Asian woman and white male entitlement. His Asian mother taught her son how to hate her Asian side (and other non-whites), and his white father taught him that the world somehow owes him (free pussy, in particular) lol

    There is a significant number of White Men/Asian Female couples that are fucked up and produce fucked up biracial children full of self-hatred.

    Ironically, the views above are from white people who have personally witnessed the racism and self-hatred of Asian women. You can check the sources below:

    Elliot Rodgers, a Product of His Racist Asian Mother!
    White Guy Killer Syndrome Elliot Rodger’s Deadly, Privileged Rage
    Yes, Elliot Rodger is ‘White’ What the Santa Barbara Shooter Can Teach Us About Race and Masculinity

    There are many who write about Elliot Rodger and white male entitlement, but they should also talk about racist Asian women and their deep self-hatred. It is equally important because Elliot Rodger is a product of both. Self-hating Asian women should not get a free pass, otherwise, more Elliot Rodger’s will destroy innocent lives.

  30. To Self Hate is Destructive– you wrote the best blog letter so far. This hits it right on the nail. Except, are you sure he, Elliot Rodger only lived with his mother? That is not a big factor to change your argument because a mother is still a mother and taught him and spent much more time with him than Hollywood Dad. So if we are going to go into the specifics of it all. Among the EAst Asians, it is hard to say if it is worse, the self hate and self loathing, is it worse among Chinese (it does not matter, whether new immigrant of 3-4 generation). Chinese women seem to have a lot of that self hate, let me get my claws on ol whitey with a good job. Even the girls from China at all the Ivy league schools are pretending that they are NOT from China and pretend they cannot speak Chinese— just to get their claws on the sandman.

    Is it worse among Chinese females or Japanese Ams of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation(s)? I have seen a lot of self hate from both.

    But yeah you called it. East ASians have a lot of this. Then there are the ASian American singers and actors, if you knew any in high school or college, almost all never wanted to be associated at all with Asians. They thought they were so special. Then they got to Hollywood and no parts. Sung Kang got something nice recently, but he’s already 40 or 42 or whatever, many of those guys had at the very least some amount of ability. It shouldn’t have taken till all are in their early to mid 40’s now and too late to play the “Friends” Chuppie roles that they have been or have self groomed for. We need changes in Hollywood, but we need people in the system to speak out. Ain’t gonna happen until some of these guys reach 80 years old. It took for many of them, they repeated rejection in Hollywood before some of them would even admit being Asian. Hollywood feeds on self hate and churns more of it out for people who don’t fit the mold, most minorities– but here we go again.

    The AAS game. Ebony and Ivory side by side on my piano, keyboard, oh Lord why don’t we. Hollywood has full catalogues of actors in its guilds who fit two ethnic profiles. I will give some answers, one is white.

    What do you say to this,” Self Hate is Destructive” ?

  31. Ebony and Ivory, dominating the screenboard, oh Lord why don’t we..
    Duh duh duh duh, bap bap bap.

    (Continued to the same beat)
    Asian guy, Latino girl sitting in the back of the screen shot with no lines.
    Yellow and Brown, goin round, round and round, never to be found (with a star on H wood Boulevard)
    No beginning nor end, til you send, the big middle finger to Holly’s wood and Elliot/Peter Rodger.

  32. HapaGuy, I am a black male. So I cannot go further into the issues of Asian women and their inferiority complex. I posted about the racism I experienced and the self-hatred I witnessed with Asian women. The links in my post above also show that white people observed this phenomena, as well. Isn’t it sad that the level of self-hatred among Asian women is so prevalent that even white and black people are disgusted by it?

    My main issue is that this isn’t just about white male entitlement, it is also about Asian women’s negative view towards their own race and their racism towards other non-white men like myself. I have experienced racism not only from white men, but also prejudice from Asian women, as well. However, Asian women seem to get away with it. No one writes about it. It’s time people do.

    And to answer your question about whether Elliot Rodger only lived with his mother: In his online postings, he says that he was close to his mother because she understood him. So she would have been a major influence on him. For example, when he was just a young boy and wanted to dye his hair blond because he felt inadequate about his looks, she should have told him he was fine as he was. He was just an impressionable little kid so she should have helped him to be proud of himself, and convince him that looks are not important. Unfortunately, his racist Asian mother let him dye his hair, and essentially set him on his lifelong journey of self-hatred.

    As I stated in my previous post, Elliot Rodger is a product of BOTH white male entitlement AND racist Asian women’s self-hatred. Do not discuss one without the other as they go hand in hand.

    Well, that’s all I can contribute to your Asian community. And to self-hating Asian women: Stop hating. Love yourself, love your people 😉


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    2 days ago

    This Elliot Roger has brought up to surface number of issues no one in this country is actively discussing.The media in this country is run like old white men.In fact, they are run by old white Jewish men like Donald Sterling. They have shaped all the media images to promote white male supremacy.They are good at keeping their racism inside because they are not dumb enough to be caught on tape like Donald Sterling.You see it in the media daily and in the movies.Here is a diagram that shows why all the images in this country promote white male supremacy daily:

    White men also have developed some kind of sexual fetish for Asian women.As a result, you will see hyper sexualized images of Asian women in Hollywood.When you see Asian women on the big screen with men in any kind of relationship, 99% of the time it is with white men.Asian men/Asian women couples are literally invisible even though they are the majority in real life.On the other side of the coin, white men have started massive campaign of Asian male emasculation on the big screen.When you see an Asian man in a Hollywood movie, it is always some guy who is short, asexual, speak bad English, or someone to be made fun of.See, hypersexualization of Asian women and emasculation of Asian men go hand in hand.By making Asian men look as bad as possible, white men have created a society where they are the saviors and Asian women should flock to them.Since Hollywood is literally the most powerful entertainment industry in the world right now, these images are being exported worldwide.As a result, people are being brainwashed to believe white is right and white men are the ideal.

    After years of brainwashing, is it any wonder people think white men are somehow on top of the racial totem pole?We are being fed these racist images literally daily.There are many brainwashed women who brought into the racial totem pole.This is especially true among Asian women.When it comes to interracial dating, Asian women only date white men and exclude other men of color.People that think interracial dating is good because it shows our society is somehow “colorless” really need to take a deeper look.In a true colorless society where people are just people, there won’t be such huge disparity in interracial dating like we have here with WM/AF vs AM/WF or BM/WF vs. WM/BF.White men promote images that cater towards them and no one else.As a result, they continue to promote white male supremacy and brainwashed minority women like Asian women will continue to reinforce that ideal by choosing white men only as their partners.

    Elliot Roger is also brainwashed by these racist images.This is why he believes white men are somehow on top of the racial totem pole.This is why he had a hard time seeing white women being with men of color.This also contributed to his unstable mental state.Elliot Roger himself probably is unaware he is being brainwashed by Hollywood’s white male dominated media.Had he lived in a society where media images of people are more balanced, he might not see the world with such racist undertone.He felt his white male privilege is being denied when he saw men of color with white women.After all, how is it possible a white guy (he sees himself as white) like him being denied women when the media tells him daily that white men are the greatest thing on earth?

    As long as we continue to promote racist media like we do with Hollywood, there will be people that will be angry.People that see the truth will be angry.Asian women that continue to support white supremacy will find out their sons will have to deal with the same crap every Asian men have to deal with growing up in the USA, especially if they look Asian.Until these racist old white guys are replaced in Hollywood, nothing will change and we will have more Elliot Rogers in the future to deal with.

  34. To Self Hate is Destructive–

    You said No one is calling them (Asian women) on their self hate. I have been doing it for a long time. As a matter of fact, some of the most racist things that you ever hear about Asian men, they typically come from Asian women– but a certain subgroup from among them, the ones who must marry that White or Jewish Am guy and will not settle for anything less. These ones are the most racist and funny thing is, they always have their hand raised when some “Asian Amer job or representation” thing pops up to represent the community.

    These same women are at the top of the academic professions too, so how do you like them apples.

    Self Hate is Destructive– Can you tell us:

    1. examples of how you see that no one calls (them–Asian women) on it (the racism).

    2. Tell us what you think about Asian males too okay and how some of them fail to represent anything other than a. materialism and materialist values like Elliot Rodger b. a class bourgeois snob c. yellow uncle toms– see my examples below.

    Example A–I want to give an example, I know an Asian and he is awful in sports, but he won’t play with any of us at a school in the SouthWest, because he claims he’s got “Black game.”

    Guy is 5′ 6″ and slow as molasses, claiming he got “Black game.”

    This is the typical Tom Foolery bullshoot we have in the community on the Asian side. Wonder if he teaches AAS??

    Example B–Or how about the actor, associated with this site. He has a Wikipedia site and now won’t list his age. Ha ha ha ha F (more bs from yellow uncle toms). He’s already 42 or so. He’s tall for Asian, an okay actor/better than Ok, got the skills and the particular yuppie Asian California guy look.

    More Tom Foolery. The reasons Asians ain’t getting roles is cuz there ain’t one of them willing to challenge the Hollywood system. Now for the Jeopardy $10,000 Question– Who is this Asian Am actor that Hapa Guy is referring to??????

  35. About the 5 foot 6 guy. He does teach AAS at a school in the SW. Awful athlete, just f awful. Then to color it another way and say, “I’m Black, I was always thought of myself as Black” (see my article or book) or “I got Black game.”

    Naw man, this is what Chin…. do. They do this game and no one calls them on it bc of their numbers. Now at a different level, because of AAS. So if you black, why you Asian, how the hell do those comments help represent Asian Ams???????????????????????

    Nuff said. More tom foolery and Chinese ways. But the example above has less self hate, than the one by some of the Asian Am female leaders,

    “I will get and marry a white man.” Then when Asian Am jobs pop up,
    I will put my hand up and play every frigging advantage that I have, especially by calling my son, “Little brother, little brother” short for di di– in Cantonese at the AAS conferences, dressing up a kid who is hapa and looks quite white in traditional Chinese costume at an AAS conference.

    This is “representing” for “money” a community that she never wanted to a be a part of, considering that she grew up in two states where their were plenty of Asian Ams.

    This is a land of make believe and of make believe solidarity which exists only in the AAS books. But this is the typical behavior of some or possibly many AAS professors (Asian Am Studies).

    This blog is definitely him. He wrote the blog in 2011 and reposted it in 2013. The timing is him. He is at college during this time and his comments regarding alphas and betas.

    You should read every post he makes and sounds like exactly Elliot Rodger. The writing style is exactly the same, very well expressed and articulate where his opening post introduces himself.
    100% concrete proof: His car plate number: at 19 secs in the video

    BTW he did have an asian friend. ^^ See above video.

    SEL = stuff eurasian likes
    or SEML(crtl+ F find) Stuff eurasian male likes.

    “. I’m a Eunuch. I’m an Asian male inside a dead Asian male. That is what it means to be half-white, half-asian. All the way back in the 2nd grade, thats how I defined my identity. I would introduce my essay by saying My name is SEML and I’m half white and half asian. So when I was only 7 years old, that was already who I was. My very identity. The thing that made me me, for better or worse. And life has shown it is only for worse. The law of life for the Hapa male is that Murphy was an optimist, everything that can’t go wrong, will go wrong. Has gone wrong. Life is a daily rape for the Hapa male. One long humiliation. One long emasculation.”

    If you read every single post of his including all his comments:
    You will realise it is him.

  37. Bobby,

    I don’t think they’re the same person. I’ve read the SEML blog as well as the UCSB shooter’s manifesto, and the subject matter and tone are just too different.

    For one, SEML seems to fully embrace his Asian side. He also shows way more anger towards Asian girls. In contrast, the UCSB shooter despised his own Asianness and was purely fixated on White blondes. In 150 pages, he never once mentions being mistreated by Asian girls, even though that’s a dominant theme in SEML’s blog.

    It’s not hard to believe that there are two separate Hapas born to WM/AW couples that have severe identity issues.

  38. SEML also writes about having a brother:

    The UCSB shooter only had a sister, I believe.

  39. I have had it with these Asian whores, my own mother ruined my fucking life from the bottom up, I identify with SEPL and Elliot Rodgers but I would never act like that…

    these stupid fucking whores don’t realize what they are doing to their own sons…..

    here is my diary, i’ve decided to kill myself

  40. Another, hapa, . Matthew de Grood, just did the same thing.

  41. you can tell Elliot was raised by a WMAF whore because he targeted asian men. any WMAF whores should think twice about having a son

  42. FYI. Elliot Rodgers is dead. He was not SEML. I read Stuff Eurasians Like and it unfortunately made me better understand some of the anti-Chinese or anti-Asian comments made by Eurasians that I’ve met in the past. I now actually feel sorry for Eurasian boys rather than thinking they were just arrogant. It’s more like insecurity now. If you go to the SEML wordpress website you’ll notice that he recently posted as late as March 2015. It is absolutely the same original writer and SEML is not Elliot Rodgers.