Podcast partner Chris Morrison and I imagine an IRON FIST show that paid attention to things like race, storytelling and the Horse Stance (Mah favorite gong fu stance, if you get my meaning). Feel free to subscribe to and review our podcast ELEVATING THE GENRE at Itunes, Stitcher, etc.

The more I think about Orange Fist, the more I’m annoyed because if there’s one thing that is going well in this messed-up time period, it’s that there are a lot of good, great, compulsively-addicting TV shows. Could we get one for Asian Americans? FRESH OFF THE BOAT, DR. KEN, INTO THE BADLANDS, all great achievements, but I feel they are all still working up their buzz, and doesn’t it seem that every week there’s a new must-binge show that your tribe is devoting their lives to…except that one about a Chinese-American guy?

But until that time, we can still represent on the airwaves with our manly radio voices.

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