It is a time of despair. It is a time of hope.

It is a time of anguish. It is a time of joy.

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times.

It is the time we took back what was ours.

The year is 2016. The place is America.

Donald Trump will be the 45th President


Will go down across the board.

Corporate taxes will go down from 38% to 15%

Tax Code will be simplified to 3 brackets

No one will pay taxes on money passed on to next generation


Will be reduced across the board

Adding of new regulations will be frozen


Free Trade Agreements will die

Trade Treaties which lock in trade deficits will be renegotiated

America will tax imports to reduce trade deficits

Domestic Manufacturing will be favored over out sourcing


Domestic fossil fuel exploration and extraction will be encouraged

Alternative Energy like solar & wind will lose subsidies

Keystone Pipeline will be built


Global Warming will be repudiated publicly

Paris Accord is dead; Trump will not honor or abide by any of it

EPA will not control or regulate carbon emissions


Immigration law will be enforced rigorously

Border wall with Mexico will be built

Illegal Immigrants violating immigration laws will not get a pass

There will be a fight over ending birthright citizenship

Syrian Refugees can forget about asylum in USA

Immigration will put security over diversity and compassion


Right to carry concealed handguns in all states will be passed

Advocates of Assault Weapon bans can forget about it

Advocates of magazine capacity bans can forget about it

Background checks may get more comprehensive and tougher


School Choice will happen – public, magnet, charter and private

Federal Government will fund students not schools

Teachers will be paid, hired and fired on merit not union seniority


Obamacare is dead

Insurance will become more like insurance

Insurance will become less like an entitlement

Some regulations like pre-existing condition coverage may remain

Competition in healthcare will increase


Airforce will get more fighter planes

Navy will get more ships

Army will get more troops


Roads, airports, electrical grids, water treatment plants will be built


Expect continued deficits for a while

Expect debt to increase for the immediate future


Will not shrink immediately if at all during his presidency


Religious organizations and preachers will voice politics


PC is dead, taboos are dispelled, and politeness is optional

Minorities, immigrants, liberals and women can be criticized

Majorities, natives, conservatives and men can be slammed

The dialogue will be loud, brash, naked and vigorous


Constitutionalist judges will be appointed to 1 to 4 seats

SCOTUS will be conservative for the next 30 years

Seats may be replaced:-

Antonin Scala (100%)

Clarence Thomas (probably)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (maybe)

Anthony Kennedy (maybe)

Stephen Breyer (maybe)

Will Trump fulfill all of his promises and get all these things done? Probably not. Will some of these things get done? Absolutely. Whether you think this is the best turn America has made in the last 50 years or the worst, I am giving it to you like it is. TRUMP AMERICANS have changed the world.