So I am wondering how this was allowed on BBC. I mean it kind of borders extreme lines, and where it is generally okay to make fun of things, I do not know whether making fun of ISIS is useful or causes more hate…. Anyways, The ‘Real Housewives of Isis’ skit, aired in on BBC (UK) last week, as part of a new show called “Revolting”. The purpose was meant to parody the actual reality series “Real Housewives Of…”, and talks about western (white) women he went off to marry ISIS fighters (Jihadi brides).

Here are what some of the scenes entailed according to SBS News:

In one of the scenes, a wife enters a room in a heavily shelled house wearing a suicide vest.

“Ta-da! What do you think?! Ahmed surprised me with it yesterday,” she says as another wife records her entrance on Instagram.

“Hashtag OMG,” the wife filming it says.

“Hashtag Jihadi Jane, hashtag death to the West, ISIS emojis.”

In another scene, a wife called Hadiya points a finger gun at the screen.

“I’m so glad I’ve moved over here,” she says.

“It’s everything those guys on the chatrooms told me it would be… and it’s full of so many wonderful surprises.

She begins scrubbing the floor, “Didn’t have to do this in Birmingham!”

There have been mixed responses to it from those saying how great it is, to many who found it utterly offensive. 67,000 comments were left. Check them out:

Those who loved it…

Those who hated it…

What do you think?

Images via SBS News

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  1. Us Brits have used comedy to face tragedy always. Its part of our strength and our culture. I’m glad political correctness has not stood in the face of such hard times and the soul of a people (of all races). Very surprised the BBC accomplished it after the Blair era.