First, I’d like to express my deepest condolences to those who died or lost their loved ones in the Colorado theater shooting. Seconding Mr. Nolan, as a filmmaker, I am furious that Mr. Holmes might have forever ruined one of America’s favorite past time—going to the cinema and exploring our darkest and deepest fears in safety and pleasure. Mr. Holmes, you’re not the joker. You’re a terrorist just like those responsible for 9/11 who have curtailed our freedom in this country.

I can still remember the days when I met my family, friends and loved ones at the airport gates. It was one of my favorite things about this country when I could go all the way to the gate to see my loved ones off or receive them.

Now I may be looking forward to metal detectors and getting frisked at the movie theater, a place where I have spent so much of my life. Thinking deeper leads me to wonder what gun control, gay marriage and national heath care have in common?

We have none of these in America, a so-called first world country and the leader of the world. Take a peek at your neighbor Canada. We have all of these in Canada. Yes, Canada has gun control, gay marriage and national heath care.

Growing up in the British colony Hong Kong where guns were pretty much outlawed for citizens, I have been flabbergasted at why Americans have such loose control of guns. Ironically, in my experience as a filmmaker, it’s more difficult to obtain a realistic toy gun than a real gun in America. And every time there was a fake gun on set, everyone was scared.

Relax! It’s fake gun!

But it’s so easy for someone to bring a real gun into a theater or schoolyard and become a mass murderer.

Now all the politicians are scared of speaking up for gun control, just like they have been afraid of losing popularity for pushing for gay marriage and national heath care. Well, gun control, gay marriage and national heath care are good for the people. They have become our basic rights in Canada. I honestly don’t understand why we shouldn’t or can’t have all these in America as well.

If you’re as puzzled as I am, do something about it!


  1. We intend to be armed with enough fire power to drop shooters before they become mass murderers. We intend to invite the disgruntled to move to Canada. We intend to refrain from watchin Ellen Degenerate, ‘Modern Family’ and look forward to Chik-fil-A mass feasts! YOMYOMF!

  2. yes, canadians may have gun control, gay marriage, and national healthcare but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy with it. i live in south florida and i see many snowbirds come down not only for the weather but for better healthcare. i like having the right to bear arms and also have the responsibility that comes with it. i was raised in the catholic church and have always had a stance against gay marriage mainly because i believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman in the eyes of god performed in a church, not in a courthouse so certain people can get benefits and papers. i’m very tolerant to many people but am not tolerant to being degraded for my beliefs and have new ones shoved down my throat as many others say christians do. as for national healthcare, my family in aruba experience it and sure they do have healthcare for each citizen but terrible service. my uncle who had cancer wasn’t getting the right treatment he needed so he flew to colombia and started feeling much better and the cancer was diminishing but the government forced him back to aruba and didn’t give him enough chemo, he was literally left to die. one night, he was feeling gorribly sick and went to a clinic where the doctor told him i can’t help you, you are too old to receive any treatment, go home and wait out your death. for the last week of his life, he was visited by family and friends who are upset with his oncoming death but as they can not do anything, we’re forced to accept it. national healthcare is inhumane as to the government, you are just another number, they don’t see that you’re someone’s father, someone’s brother, someone’s friend, etc. they only see you as just another number. as a human being, one doesn’t want to be another number, one wants to be seen as a human being with thoughts and emotions who have the right to information, self-defense in any matter, religion, etc. they say if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything and i just don’t agree with that being taken away by people who don’t see your face.

  3. when I did my traineeship over 30 years ago here in Oz (i.e. Australia) I worked in a hospital and found out that as a country, with our public health system, we spent 8.5% of our GDP on health care, and for those within reach of any major population centre, care was available when needed. I also found out that at that time, america, with its user pays health psychosis, spent 13.5% of gdp on health…. but that was only for those who could afford it – so it was only partial health care, and still more expensive than it was here. If you cant pay, you might get care if the hospital had met its financial targets, but there was no guarantee.
    And its only got worse since.

    The same sort of thing applied if you want to have the choice to live in a civilised society, free from the fear of being shot by some gun-toting psychopath. Was normally the case here in Oz. Was apparently not allowed by the NRA in Yankland. Unfortunately, that American psychosis is gradually being exported here. I really wish we could just bundle off the idiots who want to be exposed to unrestrained gun use to the U.S. and be rid of them, so they could enjoy the company of other sociopaths who think their right to do as they please should enable them to deny me and mine the right to live in a safe civil humane society.

    And as for gay marriage, why should religious fundamentalists dictate to anyone what they call their relationship ? And fortunately, they cant control the way words are used, or the evolution of language beyond their choice of how they speak. If the rest of us choose to use the word marriage to mean a legally sanctioned committed relationship between any two consenting adults, then that is what the word will mean. Those who are mentally crippled with a religion of any kind will need to start using a phrase to exclude anything but heterosexual partnerships sanctioned by religion X as marriage.

  4. Well when you have a society that allows or even entertain the idea same sex marriage, then anything goes.
    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
    Welcome to babylon……………

  5. people have the right to proper healthcare, security, and free speech. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. and in my own human opinion, without guns, i will still have my machete to cut whoever’s head off who wants to harm me or my family. so, just because no own can get a gun doesn’t mean they can’t get a machete or a sword or a really sharp pencil. life finds a way, and one adapts to whatever one’s situation might be whether one is a sociopath or not.

  6. We could make gun control laws, but will that REALLY stop criminals from using guns? No, because they don’t obey the law. There will still be mass murders, there will still be shootouts, and there will still be terrorists. It’s life.

  7. Wow, are some of you actually saying that “same sex marriage” or, rather, the idea of two people making a serious commitment to each other for life is what is ruining this country? Are you aware that some of YOMYOMF’s contributors are gay? In addition to being homophobic, that’s just stupid.

    We have gun control laws so psychotic assholes can’t buy 60,000 rounds of ammunition legally without background or mental health checks. No, it’s not going to stop criminals from using or getting guns. But it means that the police can actually arrest someone before they do something stupid and/or tragic.

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