Not. This. Bullshit. Again. I keep reading about Western tourists behaving poorly, badly and really asserting their white supremacy… Only a few days back did I write about the idiot Aussie tourist who assaulted Singaporean police at Changi Airport and now this….

The CCTV footage here shows some Western looking tourists bullying and confronting a 10 year old Thai boy Abdull Seesa, who appears to be working as a toilet attendant in the red light district of Bangla Road in Phuket for some extra pocket money. Media reports state that the tourists were unhappy with the 10 baht charge to use the toilets, and this is how the altercation started. As you watch the clip, you see one of the male tourists push and then beat up Seesa – it is actually pretty violent and then another kid intervenes to try and protect the 10 year old boy and he gets pushed away too.

Since this video has gone viral, Seesa’s father is offering 5000 baht to identify and catch the tourist who beat up his son. He tells the media:

He said the man was in his “30s or 40s”and spoke “English” but Tohee did not know his nationality.

He added: “The toilet is just for service for tourists on Soi Bangla. My son Abdul works there just for extra pocket money.

“What kind of man does this to a ten-year-old boy? We want to catch him.

“He would not pay 10 baht to use the toilet and attacked my son. People have to pay to use the toilet because we need to keep it clean and fix it.

“We will reward anybody who can catch the man so police can punish him.”

Again, I can’t emphasise more that this is western tourists pushing around their superiority in Asia. They have time and time again (particularly the young ones) shown utter disrespect for the rules, culture, customs and laws in various Asian countries, and pretty much behave like complete shit heads because they feel being a white westerner should be treated as extra special.

I hope this idiot and his friends are found, arrested and charged. That is all they deserve.

Images via The Mirror

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Tourist beats 10-year-old boy over 20p toilet charge in shocking attack caught on CCTV


  1. A lot of white Westerners feel emboldened to act out in Asia cos they’ve been told that Asians are timid, passive and worshipful of white people.