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If you’re new to YOMYOMF, welcome, and if you’re a long-time member of our Offender family, welcome back! You may have noticed some changes. We’ve completely redesigned and revamped our site to make it better reflect the spirit of what we’re hoping to accomplish at YOMYOMF—create a true online community through a collection of unique voices and point-of-views.

We hope YOMYOMF will become a destination to provoke lively discussion and debate on topics we may have different opinions about, to share interesting stories, to support the work of talented folks from all over the world and to be a one-stop hub that everyone in our YOMYOMF family can call their online home. Think of those great conversations you have with friends and family over drinks or a great meal, we want YOMYOMF to be the virtual equivalent of that.


The changes we’ve made were designed with that goal in mind. Our home page will be a mix of both original and curated content from all over the web. Whether it’s a funny story from another website we want to share with our readers or something new from one of our Offenders or other contributors, we want YOMYOMF to be the place for anything and everything interesting and cool in our community. And we want you to be a part of all that.

We hope that you will sign up to fully participate in YOMYOMF. Some of the new features we’ve implemented include the POV section where you can share your own stories and thoughts on any topic that’s relevant to our site or let everyone know about events and issues in the community. This is not only an opportunity to connect with an audience that you may not have even been aware of, but our attempt to hopefully find interesting additions to our YOMYOMF family and even identify the unique voices of the new generation.

And of course there’s the recent relaunch of Interpretations—our initiative to find the next generation of talented Asian American filmmakers. I personally invite you to utilize these resources and become a member of the YOMYOMF family. There’s strength in numbers and I would love nothing more than to showcase the collective power of our diverse voices here. I can’t wait to find what’s out there.

Most of you will know me as a filmmaker—maybe for indies like Better Luck Tomorrow and Finishing the Game or for Hollywood movies like the Fast & Furious franchise or the upcoming Star Trek Beyond. I love making movies. I’m still as passionate as ever about them, but I’m as equally passionate about YOMYOMF and its potential. With your support and your passion, I believe we can build a strong and diverse online community.

YOMYOMF and friends reppin' at the FAST 6 premiere
YOMYOMF and friends reppin’ at the FAST 6 premiere

Finally, I want to thank some of the many people who’ve made YOMYOMF possible. Firstly, the awesome new website and redesign is the result of the hard work and talents of Anthony, Steve and Anyez. We’ll also be partnering with many of our friends in the community including Giant Robot, Disgrasian, Bicoastal Bitchin, Shannon Lee/Bruce Lee Enterprises, Tura Satana Productions and others you’ll see here in the coming days, weeks and months. A special thanks to Phil, Eric and Anderson who will be doing the vital work of editing the site on a daily basis, to all my fellow Offenders who helped get us where we are today and, of course, to all our readers—our online family aka you—for your support. Now, get ready ‘cause we’re about to boldly go where no one has—oops, wrong project—that’s what happens when you don’t get enough sleep.

How about I just say thanks and hope you’ll come onboard to help us grow and continue to showcase the many talents in our community whether it be writers, filmmakers, artists, musicians or anyone else that shares our dreams and goals. I look forward to embarking on this journey with all of you.

And one final thing to share, this was a video created a couple of years ago by Hevesh5, a then 14-year-old domino artist, shortly after the launch of our YOMYOMF Network on Youtube. Still one of my favorite examples of a talented individual in the community discovering us and joining the family:


  1. This redesign is great and really looking forward to seeing all the great things with YOMYOMF 2.0!!!

  2. Beyond brilliant! Thank you!

  3. What happened to the Chatter section?