Photo courtesy CAAMFest 2016

Welcome to our new POV section. This is where you can post your own thoughts on any subject as well as anything else of interest including upcoming events, announcements or content from other sites. Think of this as your page–a major step toward YOMYOMF Founder Justin Lin’s vision to make YOMYOMF a home for all.

But in addition to being a space to share with the YOMYOMF community, this is where we’ll also be on the lookout for talented voices to officially join the ranks of the Offenders. So whether you’re a writer, photographer, artist, musician, filmmaker, actor or a regular “civilian” who just wants an outlet to show the world your creative side, we encourage you to post here and post regularly.

Posting is easy. If you haven’t already, log in and create your account (you can log in via your email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+). On your profile page, be as creative as you want—you can upload images, tell us about yourself, share a link to your own website/social media site or share your “best offense” (which can be anything you want to share).

Once you’ve done that, you can start posting. Just click on the “Offend Me” button and follow the instructions to post (but be mindful of our posting guidelines). Your posts will appear in the POV section and occasionally we’ll pick select posts to feature both on that page and on our main homepage. All your posts will also appear on your own profile page so anyone who digs your voice can see what you’re all about. Any posts you “like” will also appear there.

We hope that everyone will join us to create our online community–only with your collective voices can we grow and thrive. We can’t wait to see what you have to share.


  1. #MyStarTrek my first memory of star trek was watching it with my dad when I was 6 years old. He died when I was 12 so every time I watch something Star Trek I remember my dad.

  2. @Mimi Thanks or sharing your Star Trek story but if you’re actually entering to win the premiere tickets, reminder that you have to post a separate blog in the pov section.