A while back, we had some interesting blogs here and here about taking on roles that perpetuate stereotypes.  Normally, I would take the actor’s side on this—they’re just struggling for gigs in this town.

But I have to say that I’m going to eat my words now, because I am completely outraged that an attractive, young, Asian-American actress would sellout to being the face for a completely racist, anti-Asian campaign for politician Peter Hoekstra.

Here’s the ad that ran during the Super Bowl:


Whoever this actress is, in this day and age, has sold out big time.

Of course, the real culprit in all of this is Peter Hoekstra, who continues to refuse to apologize for this ridiculous ad.

Hoekstra says the ad is effective in bringing to focus his competitor’s stance on deficit spending and has a straightforward message.  Excuse me, but I did not see a single fact or figure on Debbie’s policy of spending. It’s just an Asian American smiling creepily as she talks about how she takes jobs away from Americans, with a background setting that looks more like Vietnam than China.

Even worse is the “Debbie Spend-It-Now” website—with nonsensical Chinese characters.  Yes, look at the evil Chinese with their paper lanterns, teapots and colorful dragon dancers.  Asian American Actress is plastered all over the website, with quotes like: “Your economy get very weak, ours get very good.”

Whatever his stance on the economy, Pete Hoekstra’s method of delivery of the message was completely unacceptable.

This is somewhat reminiscent of the ‘80s, when anti-Japanese sentiment ran high, due to the thought that Japanese automakers were causing layoffs in the American auto industry.   As a result, a Chinese American named Vincent Chin was beaten to death in a hate crime in Hoekstra’s state of Michigan.

Boo to you, Mr. Hoekstra , not only for creating this ad, but for not apologizing for it when it clearly has struck a negative chord with the public.  Boo to you for not only continuing to stand by the ad, but for highlighting it on your campaign website.  Boo to you for turning a deaf ear to representatives from various community organizations (including a member of the Commission on Civil Rights), and overwhelming public sentiment. For someone who is running to be a public servant, your refusal to listen shows exactly what kind of representative you would make.  Boo!!  Michiganers, please boot this guy out.



  1. This commercial is Quentin Lee’s idea and he directed it. That chick is also his sister. Way to go Twinkie Man!

  2. I agree, the background looks more like Vietnam than China. If the ad wanted to really show Americans what an economic machine China is, the ad would have shown Shanghai with the rising skyline. Someone should find the actress and interview her…

  3. agreed Iris
    fyi: supposedly they shot the ad in California

  4. Interesting that you blame the actress on this one. Pretty horrendous, but why not simply go to the opposition and hit the donate button! http://www.stabenowforsenate.com/ It’s one thing to complain that racists get their stereotypes wrong, but it’s more important to defeat his ass!

  5. I thought the ad was shot in California? The San Joaquin Valley pretty much looks like that every time this year during the rainy season.

    why try to scapegoat an unknown actress; simply because she’s easier to target?

    meanwhile KKKen Jeong is still getting accolades from CAPE…

  6. I think the actress should take responsibility for doing this ad. After all, she’s the one strapping on the straw hat & speaking chinkinese.

    I’m kinda disappointed that they edited out / forgot to include the “[m]/[w]e love you long time, debbie spend-it-now”.

    I think the demonym for residents of Michigan is Michigander..

    The best part of all of this — Hoekstra’s ad clearly “plays the race card” by fueling (certain) white people’s hate towards Asians. When people call him out on this bullshit, HE then accuses US of “playing the race card”. People like him are absolute fucking geniuses. How else do they get away with it?

  7. Really….have some self respect. This can’t have been her first choice in acting. Of course it is rhetoric like this that frankly makes me uncomfortable…Anti-Asian rhetoric always makes me fear that there will be hate crimes and offencive depictions that shouldn’t exist. These things really disconnect me from many politicians although it happens more with the GOP.

    Also if China really is “taking jobs” doesn’t that mean they are better practitioners of capitalism because they attract more buisness? So much for “Free Markets”.

  8. that last part should probably read: …by fueling certain people’s hate towards Asians. …

  9. Gah.


    …sounds terrible enough to become a meme.

    Oh, Michigan…

  10. according to Hoekstra and his whoriental lackeys in the media, you’re racist if you talk about racism.

    plenty of sellouts in haolewood would gladly take the role…

  11. fyi, the guy responsible for making the ad….
    Fred Davis 3238603043, fax 3238764403
    [email protected]

  12. Appalling. She is supposed to be Chinese? The place is supposed to be China? Great, so no stereotyping or pandering to feeble cliches then. Even the message is fatuous, Americans are in trouble cause they can’t ride bicycles or work in paddy-fields? Not sure you would be allowed to broadcast this in the UK, and almost certain that you would be prosecuted under the Race Relations Act of 1976. A disgrace for all concerned

  13. I’ve taken Martin’s suggestion and just donated to Stabenow.

    I’m beginning to think that Fred Davis of Strategic Perception could possibly be the Democrat Party’s secret weapon, as his ads have managed to make Republican candidates look like real looney tunes. He was responsible for Carly Fiorina’s “Demon Sheep” ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRY7wBuCcBY and the highly parodied “I’m Not a Witch” ad for Christine O’Donnell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGGAgljengs

  14. can somebody convince me how are Democraps any better?

    but you know it’s serious when even white pseudo-liberals are involved:


    but I’m still wondering why the hate for this actress when you have the sellouts in their studio movies that make far worse and more nefarious / insidious movies…

    I’m going to wait and see the response to RED DAWN…

  15. @Martin: Thanks for your suggestion, I also made a donation to Stabenow.

  16. AngryAsianMan has posted an update:


    Her name is Lisa Chan.

  17. Poly Prissy Pants got ’em in a bunch over dis? Too sad! And the difference between Viet Nam and China is…??? And the Asian Automakers were not the blame, it was the politicians, lawmakers and corrupted US automakers, fraudulent conspirators advertising, Wall Street bilkers & the sheepish US public responsible for the demise of the US Auto industry! We gotcher ‘racism’, hangin!