Ever had that burning desire to take sweet revenge on an enemy of yours? Maybe the new POTUS Trump? I am sure it has all crossed your minds at some stage or another. Well if you are willing to trek over to Hong Kong, you can make all these wishes come true.

The centuries old practice is called “villain hitting”, and it is performed by capable sorcerers, who are essentially roadside vendors who beat the shit out of paper effigies with a shoe of your chosen enemy/Trump politician, while chanting some spells and blessings against the respective enemy. Once the effigy (which can have a picture or the name of your chosen enem written on it) is fully beaten to a pulp, the remains are rubbed on a piece of pork fat and burned over a flame.

The practice, which is centuries old and originated from Southern China, was initially used as a way for farmers to ward off evil spirits. Now in the modern day if you feel like cursing Trump enemy of yours, then this may be the way to do it, if you believe in this spiritual stuff.

Video via Guardian