I can’t begin to explain how these stories make me feel incredibly perplexed. I just wrote my weekly opinion piece on remembering the murder of Chinese international student Michelle Leng in Sydney early last year, and now I am writing about another sexual violence case. Well, anyways, here it is.

Orlando man, Joshua Perez has been accused of forcing an exchange student from Vietnam, with whom he was the host father. It has been reported that over a 3 month period, Perez forced the young girl into sexual encounters with him 13 times.

To me this is a disgusting piece of shit which should have never been a host father to begin with. I mean how could they not pick this up in the checks they do? As a host family, your role is to in many respects be the entrusted parents to the exchange students and its clear that Perez has breached this trust. The sad thing about all this is, the Vietnamese international student will now have bad memories of her experience abroad.

Images via NBC Los Angeles

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: Host Father Accused of Sexually Assaulting Exchange Student


  1. Low life sexual pervert

  2. Gender violence is horrific. Made worse, when it is committed by the person who is responsible for your lodging and safety when abroad. When sending your child, ASK- Who is responsible for doing background checks on host families? We need to be proactive when sending our children to study abroad. We need transparency and risk mitigation. We need to send our students prepared. Emergency preparedness and gender violence needs to be addressed before traveling. GlobalSecureResources can help. Studying abroad can be the most extraordinary experience in one’s life. Explore the world, but do empowered with strategies to stay safe.