If you’ve seen the Vice News special on the Charlottesville protests (and many of you have), you would have noticed white supremacist and eventual crybaby Chris Cantwell’s Asian tattoo on his arm.

Many Asian Americans notice this and collectively said, “WTF?” How can a white supremacist have a thing for Asia? Well, apparently, this is not strange at all in white supremacist circles. Aside from the obvious Asian fetishing, they see countries like Japan as a model for “monoculture” or “ethno-state.” Well, that and because of Japan’s dark history as an Axis power alongside Nazi Germany.

Watch the video above for Vice’s insights on why this way of thinking exists.

I guess it’s not the tentacle hentai porn or sideways vaginas. Or, could it?

To read more, head over to Vice News: A lot of white supremacists seem to have a weird Asian fetish


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