What seemingly may sound like innocuous dialogue, actually means quite a lot.

Case-in-point, this exchange in a scene from tonight’s episode of POWERLESS, where Ron Funches’s Ron character says that he’s from Atlantis (just like Aquaman) and Vanessa Hudgens’s Emily character is surprised and thought he was from Atlanta. Ron says “No, I think you’re mistaking me for Donald Glover” and then mutters that her assumption was a little racist. Watch the rest of the clip above (also read our review of the first episode).

Yep, Emily is half Filipino.

I think this is the first time that Vanessa Hudgens is playing a character that has the same ethnicity as her. Eh, it may seem like a throwaway line, but when we live in a world where Asian Americans are always looking for some kind of recognition or reflection in mainstream media that this one line becomes a hashtag.