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Arty Farty

John Cho Reads ‘Men Don’t Care About Weddings? Groomzill...

(Artwork by David Chelsea) STAR TREK BEYOND's John Cho is the latest to lend his talents to THE MODERN LOVE podcast. In the latest episode, he read...

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The best live-action Street Fighter 2 fight ever

You have to give it up to Japan, and especially Japanese TV shows, for showcasing the many talents of individuals who do some amazing lo-fi, live acti...

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Obscure Crap

Napkin, Table for 2!

I don't know if this is an ingenious or dumbest idea ever. Here is the "Napkin Table," which you can use outdoors, say on a romantic picnic date with...


YOUR NAME is the Highest Grossing Anime Film Ever!

And we have a new box office champ! Japanese film YOUR NAME has become the highest grossing anime movie of all time with a record $281 million worl...