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Arty Farty

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I'm Marrying an Asian Guy Edition

ABC's news program WHAT CAN YOU DO? hires actors to play out awkward or uncomfortable situations in public places to see how regular people react to t...

Arty Farty

When is K-Pop Star CL Going to Have Her U.S. Breakthrough?

On August 18, K-pop star CL finally dropped her debut U.S. single "Lifted" in a bid to launch her American career. But The Ringer's Donnie Kwak explai...

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From the Gut

Cecilia “Cissy” Marshall — Her love story with Thurgoo...

Cissy Marshall holds a 1965 photo of her family at the White House with President Lyndon B. Johnson, when he appointed Thurgood Marshall as solicitor...

The Itch

Hidilyn Diaz Wins First Olympic Medal for Philippines in 20...

"Salute to all strong Filipinas everywhere!"