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ATH - What's Your Secret YouTube Video Fetish?

What is your surprising and/or secret, YouTube video fetish? Mine are ear wax removal videos.  I have no idea how I stumbled across them. They’r...

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AROUND THE HORN - Not so fresh, "Fresh Off The Boat" moment....

I had quite a few favorite moments watching ABC’s world premiere of “Fresh Off The Boat” last Wednesday.  One moment I just can’t seem to get...

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AROUND THE HORN - Nearest Death Experience?

ROGER:  We will all die.  Eventually.  And hopefully our passing will be peaceful and in older age.  All that said, what’s the closest you’ve...

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AROUND THE HORN - Yo best Kiddie Joke

Jokes of youth. What’s that one joke you told as a young child that made you and your friends laugh so hard that your tummy muscles burned, you c...