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10 Hollywood Films Where Asian Characters were ‘Whitewashed’

With the recent release of Mar...

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Arty Farty

The 50 Most Influential Asian Characters on TV (Pre-FRESH OFF THE BOAT edition)

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The Journey


To celebrate the moment when H...

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The Journey

Welcome to YOMYOMF 2.0!

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Asian People Wearing Inappropriate T-Shirts (1-17-17)

This was a Pink Floyd song, right? (via Bored Panda)

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MLK Day 2017

With the new President officially taking office in less than a week, this quote and what the man we're honoring today represents seems more important...

Lost Causes

Hey, There Were Simulated BJs at Tencent's Holiday Party

So Chinese tech giant Tencent had their end of the year holiday office party and guess what they did there? Well, they played office games. And as...

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Congressman Ted Lieu is Also Not Attending the Trump Inaugur...

Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) joined several of his colleagues on Capitol Hill in announcing that he would not be attending...