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Arty Farty

The 50 Most Influential Asian Characters on TV (Pre-FRESH OFF THE BOAT edition)

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The Journey


To celebrate the moment when H...

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The Journey

Welcome to YOMYOMF 2.0!

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Here’s the Interpretations Script!

You may have heard that we are...

Philip's Offenses

Arty Farty

Babymetal About to Get Animated

I've previously written about my love for Babymetal, the Japanese metal band consisting of members Moametal, Su-metal, and Yuimetal. The trio will mov...

Arty Farty

If You've Always Wanted to See a Comedy About a Filipina Mai...

Hey, if you've always hoped that a bunch of white dudes would create and produce a show about a single white dad who orders a mail-order bride from th...


Woman Eating Pork Bun in a Typhoon is the Hero We Need & Des...

In its story on Typhoon Megi which left four dead and 268 injured in Taiwan, the Wall Street Journal ran this AP photo of a Taiwanese woman struggling...

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The 'Fried Shrimp Wear Sleeping Bag' is Here

The "fried shrimp wear sleeping bag" is indeed here. And yes, it is from Japan (duh!). And you can purchase your own right here. https://www.yo...