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Lost Causes

10 Hollywood Films Where Asian Characters were ‘Whitewashed’

With the recent release of Mar...

Arty Farty

The 50 Most Influential Asian Characters on TV (Pre-FRESH OFF THE BOAT edition)

Image by Offender David Asi...

The Journey


To celebrate the moment when H...

The Journey

Welcome to YOMYOMF 2.0!

Image by Offender David Chan...

Philip's Offenses


Donald Trump Thinks There's a Country Named ' Nipple'

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Donald Trump (Photo by Michael Kappeler/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images) Look, we all have our brain fart mo...


Asian People Wearing Inappropriate T-Shirts (8-14-18)

It may be inappropriate for a kid to wear this, but he does make a good point. (via gramfollo)

Orange Chicken

Why Japan is Awesome #785: Chicken McNuggets Come in Buckets

I've said it before and I'll say it again: fast food in Asia is so much better than the pitiful options we have here in the U.S. The latest proof of t...

Lost Causes

Racist Tweet of the Week (8-11-18)

Yeah, I know this tweet was actually posted last week but it feels appropriate considering CRAZY RICH ASIANS officially opens in a few days. Racist ha...