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The Itch

NC State of Play - 02/21/17

After surrendering their only conference loss to the Texas Longhorns two weeks ago, the Baylor Lady Bears gained some semblance of revenge by defeatin...

The Itch

NC State of Play - 02/19/17

Even though the start of this past week had the Baylor Lady Bears on a down note as they were bumped down to number 4 in the national rankings, things...

The Itch

NC State of Play 02/13/17

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!! If you were counting, that was 14 H's in that lead-up right there, one for each point that Natalie Chou put up in extended...

The Itch

NC State of Play 02-07-17

Well, if the Baylor Lady Bears stumble later on in the tournament(s), it won't be on account of complacency due to steamrolling all their opponents in...