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From the Gut

[#MyStarTrek] Beyond STAR TREK

A candid moment of the author giving his approval — most likely to lunch. I have a vivid memory of watching a matinee of STAR TREK III: SEARCH...


Anime Expo 2016

I've been attending this four day event for years. From Orange County to Long Beech and Los Angeles. As the fans grew so did the venue and they need t...

Arty Farty

A 5-year-old reviews the original STAR WARS

Brian Watanabe is an advertising creative, blogger, screenwriter and Star Wars nerd. His screenplay THE ROGUES GALLERY was turned into the film OPERAT...

Guest Offender

Watch the STAR WARS Saga in this order before seeing THE FOR...

First up, you can read our past STAR WARS blogs here.  All this week, we'll be posting STAR WARS blogs leading up to the release of STAR WARS EPIS...