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Otaku Recap: THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 Premiere "The Day Wil...

OK, THE WALKING DEAD fans, we've been waiting for this episode for almost 8 months. Read our initial reactions  but also don't read below if you have...


More Snapshots from San Diego Comic-Con

I posted a bunch of photos from San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, but there’s just too much to see and take photos of to encapsulate in one blog entry....


Snapshots from San Diego Comic-Con

What can be better than going to a STAR TREK BEYOND premiere and then going straight to San Diego Comic-Con, right after? For the last 25 years I'v...

The Journey

[#MyStarTrek] From the Asphalt to the Stars

My first Star Trek experience was at the age of 15 when I saw STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME in the theater (the now demolished Consolidated Cinerama i...