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Lost Causes

Teacher Convicted of Child Molesting and Kidnapping

Will the punishment fit the crime for a Filipino American convicted of child molestation?A former teacher could face a minimum of 900 years in prison...

Arty Farty

When Daniel Dae Kim Comes Knocking on Your Door

Hats off to Daniel Dae Kim. He's working on turning several popular Korean dramas into TV series, now he has his sights on a Korean American novel. Ho...

Lost Causes

New York Politicians Lash Out at Steve Harvey for Saying Whi...

As much as he'd like this controversy to go away, it's not going to happen. Comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey, the same one who announced the...

The Itch

NBA Sends Out Animated Chinese New Year Greeting

The Chinese New Year ad is geared primarily towards appealing to the overseas Chinese market, but the new tradition by the National Basketball Associa...