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Cosplay Karaoke & San Francisco Comic-Con Recap

As fellow Offender Anderson kn...

Arty Farty

A Karaoke Tribute To Michelle Branch - "All You Wanted"

Hi there Michelle Branch! Sin...


Cool ideas for NBA sponsor patches

As a major hoopshead, it's bee...


Kawaii Kon 2016 In Honolulu April 8-10

An event to dress up in full a...

Anderson's Offenses

Arty Farty

L.A. Mayor will declare May 2 as 'Fresh Off The Boat' Day

With May being Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, there will be a slew of events, celebrations and many proclamations from Los Angeles city govern...

Arty Farty

ALLEGIANCE is coming to Los Angeles in early 2018

The musical ALLEGIANCE, based on the early life of George Takei and his family in a Japanese internment camp during WWII, is coming to Los Angeles aft...

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Orange Chicken

These How-To Faux Phở videos have to stop

Update: And just like that, the video was taken down. Gee, I wonder why? I really don't know where to begin. After the backlash from that white dude...

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The Journey

Asiatiques de France!

It seems Asians in France share the same problems as we do too. A France-based non-profit organization called ‘Asiatiques de France’ or ‘Asia...