Ugh here is another disgusting and sick story of the abuse of Asian women. This type of shit shows how many predators are out there and how we Asian women need to be vigilant. Xuesong “Gary” Yang is a 54 year old was an employee as part of the University of Illinois-Springfield foreign exchange program and he is originally from China. In August 2016, Yang was helping a 17 year old Chinese student relocate from China to the campus.

On the first day when she arrived she went to see Yang in his office and at 17, Yang made her drink alcohol. She passed out and Yang sexually abused her. Days later, Yang called this girl and told her that if she didn’t have sex with him again he would ensure she was sent back to China. Eventually, Yang was arrested after the girl told another student that she was being raped. 

On Tuesday Yang was sentenced after pleading guilty in June to aggravated criminal sexual abuse and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced on Tuesday to 6 years in jail. Here is what the judge stated as the sentence was laid out (via SCMP):

But the judge responded by calling Yang a “predator” who took advantage of a teenager with no one else to turn to. Graves said she appreciated Yang’s remorse, but said she thought most of his comments centred on how the actions affected him and not the victim.

“Mr Yang is every parent’s nightmare,” the judge said. “I can’t imagine what she went through.”

Yes Yang is a predator and I am glad that he is in jail because what he did was disgusting and abuse of his position and exploiting teenagers. It is sick that he thought he could get away with it, well now he has 6 years to think about what he has done.

Images via SCMP

To read the full article, please click on: US university exchange employee who raped Chinese student on her 17th birthday is jailed for six years


  1. This is a terribile thing that happened. I think most people can agree on this. But as soon as you said “Ugh here is another disgusting and sick story of the abuse of Asian women,” something just isn’t right. If you really want to talk about the abuse of Asian women, if you want to be more honest with the discussion, then focusing on Asian men is pointless.