This is an extremely sad story and one which should not have happened. Sherry Chen is a naturalised US citizen for over 20 years. In 2014, she was wrongfully accused of being a spy for China by the US Government, and there was no credible evidence to suggest that she was. This is an extremely serious allegation and since it was wrong, Sherry has lost her livelihood.

Prior to all this, Chen was an award winning hydrologist at the National Weather Service. Her role was to build models which aimed at saving lives and properties of Americans stuck in floods in the Ohio River Valley. But that is all gone now since the US Government could not place any credible evidence to suggest their accusation.

Many other media outlets such as the NY Times, the Washington Post and 60 Minutes have reported on this injustice, but in 2016 she was still fired from the job she loved and the work she was passionate about. The Editorial Board of the New York Times called for an explanation and an apology to Sherry Chen by the government.

A crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to raise funds for her legal costs for the administrative appeal against her wrongful accusation and to get her job back. Here is the text from her crowdfunding campaign:

She is appealing administratively to the Merit Systems Protection Board to get her job back. The recent hearing took place in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 14-15, 2017, with broad media coverage and public support. The first unfounded accusation left Sherry Chen in financial ruins. She needs your support to help pay the costs of her administrative appeal and return to a job that saves American lives and properties.

Sherry Chen is the beneficiary of this campaign. Donations will be received by the Sherry Chen Legal Defense Fund, and distributed to pay for her expenses for the appeal. The collected funds will be handled by the Trustee of the Fund.

The goal is to raise $30,000 and so far the campaign has raised $385 by 10 donors.

To read more and to donate, please click on the Sherry Chen Defense Fund

Images via You Caring