Taiwan could make history as the first Asian nation to legalize same-sex marriage. It boggles the mind sometimes how this issue is progressive and cutting edge, nevertheless this would be a key step in equal and human rights for gay people and hopefully, create a ripple effect to have other nations follow through as well.

One can imagine that there are people and groups that oppose this legislation. According to Taiwan Sentinel, one Massachusetts-based anti-gay organization called MassResistance has been playing a behind-the-scenes role in efforts by conservative Christians in Taiwan to block said legislation:

According to a Dec. 27 blog entry, MassResistance’s point man in Taiwan is Arthur Christopher Schaper, head of the California branch of the organization, “who has been working tirelessly with Taiwanese activists, expatriates in the US, and others to get the word out.”

On Dec. 24, the Chinese-language service of Taiwan’s state-run Central News Agency ran a piece exposing how MassResistance has been trying to “educate” the Taiwanese public on the supposedly nefarious impact of homosexual unions using Chinese-language translations of a video titled “What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts” as well as a booklet.

Schaper is said to have lobbied influential Taiwanese-Americans in the U.S. and visited Taiwanese Christian churches in California, including the Bread of Life Church, which in Taiwan has actively participated in efforts, spearheaded by the Taiwan Family Alliance, to block same-sex marriage legislation. In previous articles, I have established clear links between Bread of Life in Taiwan and conservative, anti-gay preachers from the International House of Prayer (IHOP), Agape Christian Church and the Wagner Institute. Some Taiwanese preachers have been trained at those institutions, and a number of preachers from those churches in the U.S. have been invited to give talks in Taiwan in recent years.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has recognized MassResistance as an active hate group and one of the 18 top anti-gay groups in America. Among other things, the group claims that gays are also lobbying for legislation allowing bestiality and recruiting children into sexual deviancy. Typically delusional and conspiratorial that one would expect from such an organization, MassResistance also believes that the American Psychiatric Association is controlled by homosexuals and that the CIA and FBI are spearheading a “homosexual agenda.”

It’s also not surprising that Schaper has been exposed as a “Trump booster” and has also openly discredited reports of Russian interference during the November presidential election.

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