As my fellow Offender Anderson pointed out in his very first blog, some of us in the Offenders family think Disney is the “bastion of all evil in the universe” (Anderson’s words, not mine). So the following is for the enjoyment of those who may feel this way. Artist Jeffrey Thomas┬áreleased a series this year entitled “Twisted Princess” where he re-interprets Disney heroines in a “non-traditional” way. Enjoy. We start with the lovely Snow White:


“A Whole New World”:




What happens when you stay out past midnight:


Down by the sea:


Sweet dreams:


Let’s not forget the Asians:


American Indians:


And our animal sisters:



  1. Where’s Alice? She’s my favorite.

  2. Ooop nevermind found her on his website.

  3. Hey Dawn, sorry, I neglected to include a couple of them in my haste to put these up but Alice is represented. Click on Jeffrey Thomas’ name at top of the post and it’ll take you to his site which has the whole series.

  4. Thanks! Also, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading these blogs- Keep ’em coming!

  5. Thanks, Dawn. It’s nice to know I’m amusing someone besides my fellow Offenders. Well, I don’t know if I’m amusing them but they have no choice but to put up with me. I got incriminating photos.

  6. when I saw these pictures surfing the web one day i completely fell in love. These character represent my need and desire for a dark representation of the preppy things normal people like “)

  7. O my goodness I stumbled on this by accident and am bookmarking it! this is soooo tight!

  8. i don’t think disney is evil, i love disney really, but the art work is awesome. props to the artist

  9. oh my god there amazing!!!i just wanted to see more and more!!there beautiful not even sure thats the right word for them but i just think there so good!!such a talent

  10. These drawings are amazing, dark Disney!! ­čÖé I don`t know what picture I like.