Yes, it’s usually Tura Thursday when we bring you all things Tura Satana, but with the Kickstarter campaign in full force to make the authorized doc on the life of the late cult icon, one day a week isn’t enough to cover everything that’s happening. Here’s the latest:

We are now into week three of our crowdfunding campaign and the response so far has been absolutely overwhelming! I have been inundated with stories, images and promises of support in so many ways it is more than heartening. We still have two weeks to go and a lot of activities and perks in the pipeline to help us to reach our goal for TURA!

Here are the latest activities with a much more detailed rundown on our Kickstarter page!


We already mentioned the new Artist of the day perk – in fact we have had two since last week – a showcase example of some of the brilliant art work done world-wide to celebrate the life of Tura Satana. The first piece is part of a giclee print by the NZ/UK artist Ngaio Macfarlane which she created for our TURA! exhibition in Palm Springs, with the tongue-in-cheek title “Palm Springs welcomes Careful Drivers” Ahem…what was Tura doing there?


The second piece is a stunning watercolor by the highly acclaimed US artist Doug Waterfield. Of course, the art work perk includes the special features of a DVD, digital download of the film, your name In the end credits, and special thanks credit on the official Tura! documentary film website!




If you would like to know more about our kickass perks you can listen to a run down of them here as our crowdfunding project was selected to be the Kickstart Sunday pick for the Film Pulse podcast which is dedicated to promote filmmakers and crowdfunding projects. So click on the link, sit back, relax…is your dream perk going to be Varla, Rosie, Billie or Burlesque Queen? Perhaps the Glove of Death or the Black Porsche? It’s your movie and your perk so get yourself over to turamovie.com …. click and pledge! Listen Here.



We have so much incredible support by the most amazing names in so many industries. We are still bowled over by the fact that Dita von Teese is part of the Tura Documentary. But, seeing as the documentary is about Tura what do you expect? Tura was one of Dita’s biggest idols and in just a few eloquent words she makes it clear why this is. She describes Tura as being powerful and enduring and an icon of a person who will fight to the end. We will always be thrilled by her trust in our work, you can see it for yourself here:



When you are doing such a huge project of passion you are confronted with the most amazing people and encounters with friends (and enemies) from the past! We were more than thrilled to see that our project is being retweeted by the greats and their successors and loved ones. Roger Ebert, for example, played such a significant role in so many cinematic lives, including the very blog I am writing on, and having the smallest sign of cooperation, like a simple retweet, through his loving wife Chaz, is nothing less than the greatest gift for us.


Yes, we are so motivated by the crowdfunding events of the last two weeks, but the real last two weeks ahead and are going to be more than challenging. It’s an all or nothing project. If you can support us in anyway, in social media or even, dare I say it, backing, that would be awesome! Get out there, SHARE and TWEET! The perks are kickass…btw.

Support the Kickstarter campaign here. And as always, please visit our site and sign our guestbook!