“Tura Thursday” is a regular series celebrating the legacy of the late, great Tura Satana, best known as Varla in the 1965 Russ Meyer cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. This series is curated by Tura’s longtime manager, friend, confidant and CEO of Tura Satana Productions, Siouxzan Perry.

Tura Satana would have turned 80 today–July 10, 2018. As a birthday surprise, we’d like to share some images from last week’s shoot for our upcoming Tura documentary, which included an interview with Siouxzan Perry. Hence, this week we are presenting a Tura Tuesday (instead of Thursday) blog written by Helen MacFarlane who is an Associate Producer on the doc.

It is now over nine years since Siouxzan last saw Tura alive when she stayed at the Coral Sands in Palm Springs, California. There was a birthday party, a photo shoot, a myriad of friends who came to visit and they also took the chance to sit down together and discuss her documentary.

So it was the perfect location to film Siouxzan’s interview for Tura’s documentary over the first weekend of July 2018; in the very room she last saw her alive.

We started off the day by interviewing the vivacious, ever-flamboyant, Angel Walker, the Satan’s Angel of burlesque (also honoured in the Burlesque Hall of Fame) who was a contemporary of Tura, and, as she revealed, a true witness to the many experiences Tura talks about in her interviews and her unpublished autobiography. The burlesque days, the relationship with Elvis, the working conditions and much more were all encapsulated in a vivid exchange with Angel.

Satan’s Angel, perfect in pink for the Coral Sands…with “little devil” Siouxzan on her shoulder

Cody Jarrett and Satan’s Angel enjoying some downtime after the interview in the Liberace Suite.

Then it was time to move to a new location for Siouxzan’s interview–the Howdy Doody Goes To Bali suite, where she last talked with Tura in person. Siouxzan had been dreading this point in production, as this is where she would have to go through so many aspects of her work and friendship with Tura, which would mean showing an extremely personal side of herself and some very raw emotion.

Action! Johnny Cornwell and Siouxzan Perry

It was a hot 1st of July with temperatures of 107°…but the noisy air-conditioning had to be turned off so it was more than challenging to sit there answering the multitude of questions Cody posed to get the deepest insight possible into Siouxzan’s 13 years working with Tura and beyond. However, the atmosphere was captivating, the room was still and filled with the spirit of the person whose life we love and are recording for future generations and fans. The feeling was empowering and yet at times so overwhelming. Siouxzan admits that it was difficult for her just knowing how much Tura has influenced her, and that she is no longer here… a reality still hard to accept for many, even after all these years.

Siouxzan sits thinking about the last time she saw Tura.

There were tears and laughter, an amazing energy high which plummeted into sheer exhaustion when it was over. But we did it…we captured it…we captured her in the room with some amazing footage.

DP David Diano, SIouxzan Perry, Director Cody Jarrett, Satan’s Angel Walker, Johnny Cornwell

As we already mentioned in our newsletter, we are in post production, fitting the last pieces of Tura’s life together so we can finally get her back on to the screen. It is beyond exciting and the perfect day to share it all with you.

Viva Tura, a very Happy Birthday, to you, you will be back on the screen very soon!

Tura’s personal message of thanks to Ruby

A very special thanks to the magnificent, magnanimous Ruby Montana who gave us the keys to the Coral Sands and full access to all the beautifully themed suites there, for the whole day. It was pure magic. Tura loved staying with you then, Ruby, and we could certainly feel that, even now. THANK YOU.

Coral Sands Inn Palm Springs

Next week we’ll be back to Tura Thursday as usual!

In the meantime, help yourself to some cake!

Siouxzan and Tura – the icing on the cake

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