“Tura Thursday” is a regular series celebrating the legacy of the late, great Tura Satana, best known as Varla in the 1965 Russ Meyer cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. This series is curated by Tura’s longtime manager, friend, confidant and CEO of Tura Satana Productions, Siouxzan Perry.

This week we are honoring Tura’s and our longtime friend, the incomparable Medusirena Marina.

She has been celebrating Tura for many years…in several different forms. This Thanksgiving Tura snuck into play with a tribute like no other.

MeduSirena is well known as The Fire Eating Mermaid aquatic performer at the Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Wreck Bar, opened in 1956, featured not only swim shows, but also variety of other great entertainment. There were musical and comedy acts at this building, along with its famous swim shows, which took place through those same porthole windows until 1965. This attracted a variety of celebrity patrons, most famously Liberace, Jonny Carson, Ed McMan, The Rat Packers, and of course, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe to name just a few.

Aquatic performer MeduSirena (Marina Anderson) knew of the hotel’s history and that it once offered those swim shows along with other forms of entertainment. The swim shows had lasted till 1965. Since then, as decades passed, the Wreck Bar had been all but forgotten…that is, until MeduSirena.

MeduSirena re-introduced the swim shows to the hotel in 2006 in an effort to not only preserve the Wreck Bar itself, but to help raise it back to its deserved iconic status; a reminder of what made Fort Lauderdale so popular as a tourist destination. She created the MeduSirena Swim Show, performing figure swim shows in fishtailed ensembles weekly for hotel guests and Wreck Bar patrons. In time, she recruited and trained other swimmers to join her and and perform–dubbing them her “MeduSirena Aquaticats”.
11 years later, the hotel, now B Ocean, received a much needed renovation. The Wreck Bar still stands proudly, a time-capsule untouched since its creation, with Its MeduSirena Swimshows now more popular than ever!

The attention generated allowed MeduSirena to create and add her long awaited Late Night Swim show featuring Vegas-style Aqua Burlesque and variety acts for the adult crowds, which debuted in June 2016. It is now a regular Friday & Saturday feature at the Wreck Bar along with its fishtailed general audience shows!

She is a founding member of the International Japanese drumming group Ronin Taiko started in 2006 with her husband Roy Anderson. Her son, 4th from left, is also an active member of the group.

For more photos and videos on Ronin Taiko, click here.

In 2011 Marina performed a tribute show for Tura…it just happened to be on the day she passed.

“This photo is of special significance. I actually was performing the day Tura had passed. This particular performance was dedicated to her and I think I played harder than I ever had- felt like I was channeling her.”

“Tura was always very sweet with compliments regarding my Japanese drumming and Shamisen. She compared my pink two-piece kimono to hers (that amazing photo!) And hoped to watch me swim. Always wished me well before Taiko concerts. I still feel like she is watching.”

In true Tura Style, Marina has her own fan following including many artists. This one, in particular, by Jolyon Yates, caught our attention!

So much so, we asked the SeaHag if we could include it in our exclusive collection of Tura art & design for Planet Tura. Lucky for all of us she replied with a resounding YES!

These will be available for purchase this holiday season on Planet Tura.

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