“Tura Thursday” is a regular series celebrating the legacy of the late, great Tura Satana, best known as Varla in the 1965 Russ Meyer cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. This series is curated by Tura’s longtime manager, friend, confidant and CEO of Tura Satana Productions, Siouxzan Perry.

This week we are giving you the full interview with Tura and Sandra Bernhard – Courtesy of our friend Lisa Petrucci at Something Weird Video.

We used a snippet from Tura’s introduction by Sandra in our film trailer. So now you have the whole story. Thank you, Lisa, and thank you, Something Weird Video!

The 1990s were, in retrospect, a golden age for lowbrow nostalgia. The cheesiest, most disreputable pop culture of the mid-20th century suddenly took on a new luster and even became vaguely hip during the Clinton years. Only during such a decade would a basic cable network like USA ever greenlight a show as deeply weird as Reel Wild Cinema, a warped tribute to vintage drive-in and grindhouse movies that ran on Sunday nights from 1994 to 1996. The host of the show was comedian, actress, and frequent Letterman guest Sandra Bernhard, herself a doyenne of irony, camp, and extreme behavior. The oddball program was the brainchild of the late Mike Vraney, whose company Something Weird Video specializes in loving reissues of old exploitation movies: horror, burlesque, nudie cuties, juvenile delinquent flicks, and more. Very recently, Something Weird’s official YouTube channel has been uploading full-length episodes of Reel Wild Cinema, giving viewers the chance to either relive the strange series or experience it for the first time. Minus their original commercials, the shows now run about 45 minutes apiece.

-Taken from the full article by Joe Blevins

Here for your enjoyment :
Something Weird Reel Wild Cinema: Muscles and Monsters

(Tura’s interview starts at 13:45)

For more of these great shows you can see them all at their YouTube Channel.

If you look real hard you will also find an interview with Russ Meyer!

And also visit them at their official website.

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