“Tura Thursday” is a regular series celebrating the legacy of the late, great Tura Satana, best known as Varla in the 1965 Russ Meyer cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. This series is curated by Tura’s longtime manager, friend, confidant and CEO of Tura Satana Productions, Siouxzan Perry. 

This week we’d like to express our utter shock and deepest sorrow at the sudden death of our beautiful friend, Alyson Vetter O’ Connell, wife of our great pal, artist Mitch O’ Connell.

Alyson was powerful, vivacious, funny; a true kickass broad, Tura-style. She was an inspiration to many in her life and continues to be in her death. Mitch informs us that that Alyson’s organs have already saved the lives of 5 people via The Gift of Hope.


She will also live on through her young son, Aiden Shane Bullitt ‘O Connell, and forever in Mitch’s prolific Alyson artwork, which he started before he even met her.

Mitch! Our hearts go out to you and Biffley. One thing is for sure, Alyson is now kicking ass with Tura in pussycat heaven!

Team Tura
Siouxzan, Helen, Cody and Phil

Mitch ‘O Connell’s fabulous art work and continued support of Tura plays a significant part in our TURA! Documentary and has featured more than once in Tura Thursday.
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