“Tura Thursday” is a regular series celebrating the legacy of the late, great Tura Satana, best known as Varla in the 1965 Russ Meyer cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. This series is curated by Tura’s longtime manager, friend, confidant and CEO of Tura Satana Productions, Siouxzan Perry.

We have taken the following excerpt from Tura’s unpublished memoir, My Kick-Ass Life, to celebrate International Women’s Day!

“Women have to break the mold that tells them they should be dependent on the male.

Even in the animal kingdom, it is the female that does the hunting and taking care of the males and children.

We women are strong but we have been fed a line of garbage since we were kids, that we were the weaker sex. Weaker my ass! We give birth to the kids, we take care of the home, and we wash, clean, feed and sometimes even provide the food for the children and the husband.

Ladies, it is one thing to want to be taken care of. It is another thing to just give up and settle for less than you deserve, but remember this much.

The choice is yours and don’t you forget it!”

-Tura Satana

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