The New York Times reported this week that Chinese and Russian spies were listening in on the personal calls President Dump makes from his iPhone. Of course, Orange Tang responded to this report in his usual manner–by tweeting out more claims of “fake news”:

“The so-called experts on Trump over at the New York Times wrote a long and boring article on my cellphone usage that is so incorrect I do not have time here to correct it. I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone. Story is soooo wrong!”

“The New York Times has a new Fake Story that now the Russians and Chinese (glad they finally added China) are listening to all of my calls on cellphones. Except that I rarely use a cellphone, & when I do it’s government authorized. I like Hard Lines. Just more made up Fake News!”

Of course his argument that he doesn’t use his cellphone would carry more weight if he hadn’t sent out his tweets from his cellphone.

Uh, yeah…

Luckily, the Chinese have a solution that also doubles as some Grade A trolling: