Here is the usual RACIST shit peeps from my neck of the woods have to put up with. Well welcome to Bribie Island in Queensland. A trashy Australian woman walking around a local Chinese restaurant barefoot, demanded that staff give her a meal for free. When staff confronted her she became racially abusive towards them. No surprises there coming from Oz. The video was posted on Facebook by Bribie Island local resident Darren Mutze who stopped the POS from stealing the restaurant’s food (she just took a bag of food which wasn’t even her order). This happened on Wednesday 3rd August at SUN LAI CHINESE RESTAURANT and this is what she said to the staff:

“I haven’t f*****g eaten for a month … and you turn around and do this. Over a fried f*****g rice man,” 

“This is our country … I just want my food.”

Staff can be heard yelling and confronting this RACIST trash as she continues to yell and abuse staff and strut around barefoot as though she is entitled to free food. She claimed that she hasn’t eaten for a month, but whether she has or not, I have no sympathy for her because she was not polite or sound legitimate with her claims of not having eaten. This is Australia – trash people thinking due to their skin colour they are entitled to everything and everyone who is not of the dominant skin colour. What a piece of shit this woman is.

Images via The Chronicle

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