I guess when you are rich, like ultra rich you can literally do anything and pull anyone into any project you are doing – this is exactly what Alibaba’s JACK MA has done. So if y’all remember, we recently posted about Ma making his film acting debut in martial arts flick “GONG SHOU DAO” (The Art of Attack and Defence). Ma who is actually a Tai ji Master and has practiced this art for decades will feature along with JET LI, DONNIE YEN, SAMMO HUNG and TONY JAA for this film, which I most likely will watch.

Check out the trailer – I watched it and I do not know how I feel about Ma acting…. I have mixed feelings because he doesn’t give me that “actor vibe”. Anyways, let us know if you feel the same way or not. Enjoy this trailer which was just released yesterday via JET LI’S  Facebook page.