So what would happen if the thing that sits atop Donald Trump’s head decided to trade places with that thing sitting atop North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s head?

No need to wonder ’cause @BornMiserable has done the work for you:

And the only proper response to that could be:


  1. Asian-Americans need to be more aware of the sides that shape American social issues and politics. Politics can only shape certain issues, the rest must be done with the proper view of that is happening. This anti-Trump movement is not safe for Asians. There are two Asian groups, the indigenous (3 to 5 generations immigrants) and new arrivals. The accomplishments of the indigenous group is being destroyed, not by whites or blacks, but by THE NEW ARRIVALS. We are being defined by the new arrivals, not by the indigenous groups. Listen to me. Japanese-American Tribal Roots Music and Arts Movement. Google it.

  2. If you believe any of the garbage from the mainstream media about Kim being a threat to world peace, you are a moron. The US is the biggest threat to world peace by far. It’s not ISIS, it’s not China, it’s not Russia and it most certainly isn’t North Korea. Take uncle sam’s pecker out of the hole in your head and pick up a book.

  3. One of the ways the US military industrial complex sets the tone for an aggressive war is by dehumanizing the population and their leaders. This is exactly what is happening now with North Korea and you morons are playing into it like the good uncle chan boys you are.