So we have reached this point of this post and come to the final stage of looking at the “Top XX RACIST Moments Against Asians In XX” series. This week I will end the series with probably the biggest list to go through for a “Top 10” and yes that is the US of course. For me to choose a “Top 10” ain’t easy because we know over the course of this year so far there has been more than “10” RACIST moments in the USA – just like Australia did.

So without further adieu, here are my picks of the Top 10 RACIST offenses against Asians in the USA. In addition to listing these offenses, I will provide my usual 2 cents worth as to the reasons why I consider them extremely discriminating against us Asians in the USA during the 2018 period. I will go from 10 – 1 ( 1 being the most extreme offense in my own opinion)…

10. Mayor Accused of Making Racist Comment about Chinese Bride on her Wedding Day (via AsAm News)

A bride says she spent part of her wedding day in tears after hearing comments from the mayor which she considered racist. Vivian Tsai told AsAmNews in English that she had scheduled to be married at Cheviot City Hall in Ohio in a ceremony officiated by Mayor Samuel Keller.

When she and her wedding party arrived at 11 for the ceremony, she says they were told the service had been rescheduled to 3 p.m. that day. A city official said she had been calling her everyday for a week without success. The number the city had, as confirmed by the mayor to AsAmNews, was the same one used by this reporter to contact Tsai. The bride told AsAmnews she did not have any missed calls or messages from the city during that time and questions whether anyone tried to contact her in advance. The wedding party asked to speak to the mayor after being informed of the delay. The mayor said he explained to the wedding party once again that his staff had unsuccessfully tried to reach Tsai.

This is where the stories diverge. Tsai told AsAmNews she heard Skeller say “It’s not my fault if she can’t understand English messages.”

“Being Asian myself and seeing a mayor making a racist comment on someone’s big day, I take it very personally,” said Rufan Li who said she heard the comment. “I feel sad for my friend because her special day is ruined. I also feel as a city, we still have a long way to go to make Cincinnati a welcoming place for immigrants.”

The mayor denies making the comment. He told AsAmNews he only asked if the Bride and groom spoke English.

“I asked is it possible that she (the bride) got the messages but did not understand them? I asked does she speak English? In the form of a question,” Skeller said to AsAmNews.

My 2 cents worth? Well the mayor has apologized so I guess that is “acceptable”, but really if he did initially state that Tsai didn’t receive the messages because she couldn’t understand English is extremely RACIST. I am not surprised coming from a mayor who is probably extremely ignorant. Good to see Tsai make a deal about it to get the apology she deserves.

9. Mayor Apologizes For His Mother’s RACIST Facebook Rant Against Koreans

Remember this one? This time it is not the mayor himself, but it is his actual mother who seems to have some vendetta against Koreans Americans. The mayor of Palisades Park (New Jersey) – James Rotundo has issued an apology on behalf of his 80 year old mother who made a RACIST Facebook rant about how Koreans are overtaking the area, ( Korean Americans make up around 50% of the borough’s population). This is what his RACIST mother (Lorraine Rotundo) wrote:

“Go to hell PALISADES PARK, let the GD KOREANS have this F’n town,”

“All of us AMERICANS are so done. I am going to suggest that only English be spoken in our Boro Hall at least while an AMERICAN is still the mayor.”

“Any American working there has no idea what is going on because Korean is mostly spoken there, not English.”

“Sorry Jim, as your mom (I) cannot be quiet. I have to tell the truth.”

The post has since been taken down this is what Mayor James Rotundo stated in his apology:

“My 80-year-old mother, who I love dearly, put up a very inappropriate Facebook message that she sincerely regrets,

“I have never heard my mom talk like this before and I believe her when she says she is mortified and did not mean these hurtful things,” the mayor said in a post of his own.

“I want to make it clear to everyone that I do not agree with these remarks and that I am very upset and saddened by this incident. I am proud to represent all of the people of Palisades Park and I respect our Korean residents and all people,”

Rotundo also states that his mother has retracted her words and apologized for what she wrote.

My 2 cents worth? Good to see that an apology has been issued and statements retracted, but a RACIST will always be a RACIST and Lorraine Rotundo probably still feels hatred towards Korean Americans. Also if y’all remember this ain’t the first time that the Korean American community of Palisades Park have been hit with RACISM

8. Driver Goes On A RACIST Tirade Against An Asian Motorist In California

This one is quite odd because if you read what the RACIST woman said, you can hear she has an “ethnic accent”, so really what in the actual fuck? This POS woman was driving behind another car and because she felt they were not driving fast enough for her and they happen to be Asian background she went all RACIST and says:

“This is not your f–king country,”

“This is my country.”

“Oh my God, Chinese ugly, ugly Chinese,”

She also uses her fingers to do the usual RACIST shit of the Chinese slanted eyes and keeps yelling. The driver she was being RACIST towards isn’t even Chinese and is actually Korean background – but heck non Asians really can’t tell the fucking difference can they? To them we are all Chinese and to them we all have “Chinese, slanted eyes”. The driver the unidentified RACIST woman went on a tirade on is named JAMES AHN and this happened in Fremont, California.

This is what he wrote on Facebook about the ordeal:

I was driving in Fremont last week and this lady started the racial harassment while threatening me on the road only because I wasn’t driving fast enough for her.

Clarification: I was driving at the posted speed limit of 35mph but she wanted me to move out of her way cause she was speeding.

As I changed the lane, she kept driving towards my car gesturing to crush me and cutting in front of me to slam on the break.

I later realized that this was more like a hate crime than a road rage.

There was no other incident before my friend started filming her to save the road rage footage of her incase she ended up crushing my car.

We did not say anything to her other than looking at her wondering why she was misbehaving as shown on the video.

I have her license plate number and planning to file a hate crime charge against her.

Please share so you can stay way from this racist in case you see her on the road. 

My 2 cents worth? So this RACIST POS can now go about her life and racially abuse more Asians and Asian Americans because she has essentially been given a free pass by the police. This is such a shit response and I am abhorred and angered that this has just been written off.

7. RACIST Driver Yells At A Mother And Her Kids To “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY, BITCH”

Yes another one of these… And this one comes to us yet again from Northern California, involving a RACIST POS driver who abused an Asian American mother and her kids. This happened over the Memorial Day long weekend and as usual it was unprovoked. SANDRA LEE posted on Facebook after the incident (she has since removed it from being public) talking about what happened. There are versions of it still floating around online. To get to the crux of what happened was that the RACIST woman was driving apparently in the wrong lane at Half Moon Bay. Lee was in the car with her husband and her 2 young kids when the POS started to yell racial slurs towards her in front of the kids.

This is what the POS said according to Lee:

“This lady is on the wrong lane trying to make a right while we are on a green light going straight. She started yelling out, you fucking bitch Go back to China! She was shouting at us the whole time until we were able to change to different lane to avoid any trouble.”

“I’m beyond furious knowing that my kids had heard all the swearing and what racism is like. I’m so sad to see such a hatred around our country. It was just last week when a friend of mine went through something similar. I had no idea this would happen to my family.”

“Being silent might get you by that day. But will it end? We can not change the way these people think. But I really hope that this video along with rest of other similar videos will teach these people that there are consequences [and] hopefully SHUT them up.”

At this point, I have no 2 cents worth as I have expended enough energy condemning these RACIST POS.

6. Racist to Asian American Family: “You’re Making My Culture, Extinct”

I have nothing to say because this stuff keeps popping up and I keep talking about it as they are all on the similar RACIST vein. Here it is via AsAm News:

A woman in Long Beach verbally accosted an Asian American couple going on a stroll with their daughter.

The woman can be heard telling the family to go back to their country. Tony Kao, who posted the video on his Facebook page, believes this is the same woman who muttered something offensive to him a few weeks earlier. He ignored that incident because he wasn’t sure what the women said.

This time she could be clearly heard saying on the video, “you need to go back to your country.”

The woman began to flee after Kao’s wife began video taping the incident on her smart phone.

And…. wait for it..hmmmm not surprising – just usual RACIST white Americans as usual…

5. Filipina American Goes RACIST On Filipino Call Center Workers Saying They Don’t Have 100% Fluent English

Well, this Filipina who lives in the US has done just that. In a Facebook post, she insults Filipino call center agents/workers as pretty much not being able to speak fluent English and she pretty much pokes fun at the Filipino accent. FYI, she as been identified as Jhenny Gacasa. Her post was shared on Facebook page 

“Buhay Call Center Agent”, and this is what she said:

“Bring call center back to America!!!!

Employ 100% Fluent speakers.

I can tell by the accent that they are from out of states and some are from the Philippines, its so frustrating because they CAN speak ENGLISH but DOESN’T seem to understand the problem or the issue. It is ABUSED OF MY TIME to be on the phone for freaking 1 hr and it suck!! MAKA ENGLISH LANG..TANGA NAMAN, KAASAR!



My 2 cents worth? Well it is obvious that she feels more superior than her fellow Filipinos because she thinks living in the US is the be all end all. What she doesn’t realise is that the white Americans will just look down on her and not treat her as an equal because let’s face it, us Asians are not seen as equals in the West. She has severe internalised racism and self hate, and her post gives off a very bad vibe of her adopting the speak of Trump/Alt Right. It saddens me to see this in a fellow Asian sister, and I hope for dear life that she will some day see the error of her ways.

4. YouTuber Logan Paul Posts Video of Apparent Suicide Victim & Outrage Ensues

There have been a number of posts talking about idiot LOGAN PAUL, but this one takes the cake when he posted a video early this year of a suicide victim in Japan. The video was posted from Aokigahara, a forest near Mt. Fuji that is known as “suicide forest” for the large number of suicides that take place there. In the video, Paul appears to have shot footage of a suicide victim hanging from a tree. The graphic image led to the online backlash and the video has since been removed after hitting close to 7 million views in the 24 hours it was posted.

In the intro to the video, Paul says: “This is not clickbait. This is the most real vlog I’ve ever posted to this channel. I think this definitely marks a moment in YouTube history because I’m pretty sure this has never hopefully happened to anyone on YouTube ever…Now with that said: buckle the fuck up, because you’re never gonna see a video like this again!”

He has since apologized but it is one of those “I am a victim too” type videos, so no your apology ain’t accepted pale faced white boy. Usual Logan Paul shit – nothing more to see here.

3. Asian American YouTuber “RICEGUM” Goes To Hong Kong And Disrespects It (YouTube video has since been taken off the channel)

I will allow you to make your own judgments on this Asian American YouTuber, but in my opinion he is really nothing to be desired and has totally been ignorant and disrespectful to Hong Kong and all the people of Hong Kong. YouTuber “RiceGum” ( Bryan Le) and his vlogging sidekick, a YouTube “prank comedian” who goes by M2THAK, went to Hong Kong in search of stardom. You can tell how desperate they are to be famous as Le (RiceGum) sold his Asian-ness out by being an utter fucking idiot. He seems to be trying to become an Asian Logan Paul which is nothing to be proud of.

They basically went to Hong Kong to mock the culture, the country and the people and this shows how fucked up they are. Le (RiceGum) really needs a good Asian granny spank because clearly he has forgotten about his Asian heritage and culture. Here are some of the stuff him and his sidekick ranted on about in the video (via Coconuts):

“where the hoes at?” Three, querying a lady advertising massage services about “happy endings.”

They also say the city’s street food looks disgusting — curry fish balls are a goddamn work of art, thank you very much — and just can’t get over how FUNNY it is to touch strangers’ hands on the escalators.

“Prank comedian” M2THAK, meanwhile, showcases his originality by ripping off a line from Rush Hour to supposedly demonstrate how people in “China” don’t speak English, yelling at a random guy at the Hong Kong airport “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” Hilarious. A true delight.

My 2 cents worth?  Well, Le needs a good clip behind the head to remind himself that he may not be Chinese background, but by being an ignorant twat and disrespecting the country, the culture and the people he ain’t helping any “Asian” cause. And taking the comedian white guy? Well Le has just enabled racism and normalized it – seriously he needs to stop this shit.

2. THE SIMPSONS Creator on Apu: ‘People love to pretend they’re offended’

This is definitely at the top of RACIST shit in the US. For far too long, Apu has been featured on the Simpsons and portrays every negative stereotype which plagues South Asians everywhere. To add fuel to the fire, the voice of Apu is a non Asian Hank Azaria…. hmmm…. yeah… and it seems that the creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening doesn’t give a shit and just is sticking with the talk on “why be offended” etc… Offender Philip summed it up very well:

So Matt Groening, the creator of THE SIMPSONS, is the latest to weigh in on the Apu controversy and let’s just say that his response is very fucked-up problematic.

Groening dismissed concerns that Apu is stereotyping Indian/South Asian people in a recent interview with USA Today. 

So just to be clear: the creator of THE SIMPSONS thinks that anyone who is offended by the stereotypical/brown face portrayal of Apu is just pretending to be offended for…some unknown reason.

Yah… goodbye Apu is what needs to happen because it doesn’t do anything for the cause of Asian representation and empowerment. 

1. THE LAST JEDI’s Kelly Marie Tran deletes all her Instagram posts after months of racist and sexist trolling

I think this deserves the top spot! Beloved Asian American actress KELLY MARIE TRAN has had to leave social media after she was trolled and harassed by white supremacist type RACISTS, who condemned her character and her role in the recent Star Wars film. Here is an excerpt from the post Offender Anderson wrote when this story broke:

Yahoo Movies UK has reported that THE LAST JEDI’s Kelly Marie Tran, who played the groundbreaking character Rose Tico in the eighth installment of the Star Wars Saga, has deleted all of her posts on Instagram sometime this weekend.

Although Tran developed a big fan base and coveted Instagram account, with THE LAST JEDI also earning over $1 billion worldwide, it is considered a divisive film for Star Wars fans — mainly woman hating, mostly male fans who feel that the franchise had been appropriated by “feminists” and “political correctness.” In other words, classic Gamergate bullshit.

Tran, who broke out in THE LAST JEDI, in her first major film role ever, deleted all her posts after months of online abuse that were racist, sexist and, at times, threats to her well being.

Fans immediately noticed that all of her posts were deleted, yet, her Instagram account is still active.

But with all this doom and gloom within the snake pit in the middle of today’s world, there are beacons of hope, progressive thought, and just common decency. We at YOMYOMF want to convey the following to Tran:

Kelly. Kelly! You are our homie. We truly admire you, not only for being a role model to millions of fans, young and new, but also for your drive, tenacity, and sheer talent. You are the epitome of the American dream, as well as a success story in the dream factory known as Hollywood. Don’t let these assholes take you down. Just do you, boo!

Thanks Anderson, I think we all concur with your thoughts. When I think about this situation I am continuously reminded of the shit us Asian women face – the racism, the objectification and fetishisation and the harassment we get just for being Asian.


Well that is my top 10. There are actually more and for our readers in the USAif it looks like I have missed some, please let us know.